Getting Back to Happy by Marc Chernoff and Angel Chernoff is one of the best books I have read in recent times. There were many hacks which are worth your attention. One chapter I liked was the one on how to get motivated. If you think about it most of the people in work are generally very skilled in their area of expertise but it is motivation that separates high performers from the rest. Here are the motivation hacks with my take on each.

Get motivated by finding your why – Your why in my opinion is the mission of your life. Once you have a personal mission in place you will automatically feel motivated. So, take the time required to come up with a mission statement for your life. This requires some introspection and soul searching but I think it would be an effective use of time.

Get motivated by eliminating distractions – I agree with this because to execute your mission you need to eliminate distractions. Some of the methods I use is to make sure I don’t have any apps on my phone for social media. So, if I need to check LinkedIn or Twitter I need to log in through the browser. This ensures that I probably check twice or thrice a day at the maximum and some days I don’t check. Eliminate all notifications and make sure you can see new messages only when you log into that application. Of course, some people say put your phone on airplane mode for a few hours when you want to engage in very creative work.

Get motivated by tracking your progress – What gets measured gets improved. This means you cannot change something in your life without tracking your progress against your goal. So, the first step is set some goals that you are passionate about and then assign sometime every week to review progress. Based on the progress you can make course corrections as needed.

Use hardship as a springboard – I believe the main thing is to see each setback as exactly the lesson you needed to make advancement in your life. The key way to interpret this is it must have happened because the proof is it happened. This thinking has helped me reevaluate a lot of my situations which I may have considered as setbacks. Take some action to reduce the hardship.

Get motivated by overcoming scarcity – Always have an abundance mentality. There is enough for all of us to be successful in our unique ways. For example, if you think your time is scarce see what you can do to ensure you feel that it is back. You could remove everything from your calendar and only add priorities that matter.

Get motivated by being SMART – This is all about setting goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound. I think every book I have read on success all comes down to setting goals and achieving them.

Get motivated with rewards and consequences – This is all about setting trip wires for yourself. If you achieve your goal, ensure you reward yourself. Finally set consequences when you don’t follow through so that you don’t repeat that again.

Get motivated with accountability – If you want to run a half marathon it may be good to announce to your close ones as that ensures your follow through. Of course, some goals like your financial ones should be confidential and other ones can be made public. Decide who your accountability partner is and have a review with them periodically.

When all fails rely on rituals – All top athletes have rituals. Well in one way or another we are all just like athletes in our lives. So, setup rituals like getting up early (of course if you are a night person this won’t apply to you), exercising, journaling, vacations and anything else you want. You can check out my article on installing habits and forgetting resolutions. Forget Resolutions Install these habits

There you have it the 9 ways you can get motivated. Thanks for reading this post.

The views expressed here are my own and do not represent my organization.