thank you

By appreciating your employees, you can create a positive culture and foster a sense of loyalty to the company. 

Wondering what is the best way to recognize employees?

Wondering how to say thanks to your employees?

In this article, you’ll discover 9 best employee recognition ideas your staff will love.

1. Shout Out on Social Media

Simply post a pic of your employees on social media and brag about their achievements. It would be great if they hear from senior leadership. It will make them feel that they are making a genuine difference to the company’s business growth.

2. Take Your Team Out For a Lunch

It’s an oldie but a goodie.

Every now and again, consider taking your team out for a meal. Depending on the occasion, it could be a lunch, it could be a fancy dinner, or it could be a formal holiday party.

3. Give Positive Feedback In Meetings

Start a meeting with a shout out to someone who put in extra effort or did something great that week. Describe what the person did and why they are being recognized. They will feel more valued when you give positive feedback in front of their peers.

4. Home Delivery

Keep in mind, however, that you don’t want to only give your team monetary awards to show your appreciation. Send a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers to your employee’s home address.

5. Showcase Your Employees Success Stories

Showcase your employees’ success stories in your company’s newsletter. Consider including a spotlight section into the Newsletter where employees get to know the company’s top performers’ stories. 

Disney showcases every promotion and employee success story, at every opportunity they get.

6. Offer Learning Opportunities

Lack of professional development is a major source of workplace dissatisfaction. Invest in the professional development of your employees. Surprise your employees with tickets for a conference, seminar, training, or pay for the online courses they enroll. Don’t let your employees think that you’re not invested in their professional development.

7. Take Your Team on a Trip

Plan a company outing. It’s a great way to say thank you to your employees. Whether that’s to a speaking event, local conference, hill station, public park, a sporting event, or a local museum is up to you. It’s a fun break from work that encourages team bonding.

8. Create Your Company’s Wall of Fame

One of the great ideas to build a happier company is by creating your company’s Wall of Fame in a visible location in your office.

Each month, add an employee’s photo (or employee of the month) to your Wall of Fame to make sure that they are recognized for their great work and contribution.

9. Recognize Employees’ Other Talents

Your team has talent beyond what they bring to the workplace. Recognize your employees’ hidden creativity and talent in music, art, writing, and dance. It will make them feel that the company values their talent.