9 Ways to Shift from Competing to Creating Bliss in your Business & Life!

In my studies of creating a purposeful prosperous business, I have read and integrated the principles that Wallace D. Wattles described in his book, the Science of Getting Rich and is also the book that the movie The Secret was based on. Of course reading this book and integrating the principles is an ongoing process.

The overarching principle or law that Wattles puts forward is that of being in the Creative Mind and not the Competitive Mind.

When we are in the Creative Mind, we are in harmony with the Creative Substance or Source, God, Higher Power or what it is to you.

This then qualifies the following principle that the Supply is Unlimited. Whatever you desire is yours to create by using your imagination – impressing and holding an image of what you desire in your mind, plus thinking about it and feeling grateful for it, until it shows up in your life.

There is then no need to compete or think that someone else is going to ‘get there first’ and beat you to it.

Here are 9 ways to shift from the Competitive Mind to the Creative Mind.

1. Develop an Attitude of Gratitude
Sincere gratitude is the most important practice you can integrate into your life as it compels the Universe to respond in kind. That means to give thanks for everything, every blessing, every thing going ‘wrong’ and every desire that has not manifested yet.

Keeping a Gratitude Journal and looking at it regularly, especially when the demons of the ego cause you to lose faith, will raise your vibration immediately.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others.
When you compare, you shift back to the competitive mind, because your focus shifts from what you desire, to what you lack. This then leads to impatience, resentment, disappointment, doubt – all emotions that cause resistance to allowing in what you desire.

Adopt the belief that everybody is on their own spiritual journey. You are exactly where you intended to be and you are perfect just the way you are.

3. Stop pleasing others.
Pleasing others implies that you measure your value in terms of their opinion of you. When your intentions or desires are aimed at pleasing others, you are at odds with yourself and this creates inner conflict. Now you are not taking acting from your own desire, but from that of someone else. This incongruency shifts you to the Competitive Mind.

You have no control over the opinions of others, in the same way as nobody else has control over your opinion of them.

4. Be honest with yourself.
When we choose to be authentic, we feel connected to Source and now we can choose to be honest with ourselves and desire what we really want and not what we think we should or could have.

If you could have anything you want, what would that be? If there were no limitations or pleasing anyone, what do you really really want?

5. Stop doubting.
Here 3 more universal laws come into play:

  • Whatever you desire is already here
  • The path to receive it is already here
  • There are a zillion possibilities in every moment.

Call on these laws when the doubt demon surfaces and refuse to feed it. These laws are Universal Truths and your subconscious mind cannot argue against the truth!

This I learned from Elizabeth Purvis and it has made a huge shift in holding my focus on what I desire and not become impatient and start doubting that it will show up.

The thing is that your subconscious mind and ego-mind just want to keep you safe and their job is to keep you creating the same experiences, because they are familiar. So, you have to deliberately choose your thoughts.

6. Choose what you energise.
Basically in every moment we have a choice what we pay attention to and what we energize.

What you energize, manifests. What you dwell upon and feel the experience of in your body, manifests. We are energy, our thoughts are energy, our feelings are energy. This together creates a mind-body-emotion state that is an energy field and it acts like a magnet.

7. Choose Faith.
It takes courage to make a decision to commit to create what you desire.
It takes faith to be excited and grateful about what you are not yet able to see with your eyes.

However, this is the work. To continuously step into your Faith and give thanks to that which you created, as if you already have it. You first have to take ownership of it on the inside before it will show up on the outside.

This is also an ongoing process. As we start manifesting and calling in our desires, we want more. We want to create more. That is GOOD, because your desires come from the Divine.

8. Your Current Reality
This is indeed a journey with no destination and where every moment counts and contributes to what you create in your life.

If you think about it, no matter what the circumstances are that you do not want, you have created that and it has taken some time. Probably your lifetime. You have become an expert in creating what you have now, meaning that you are unconsciously competent in it. You have probably done over 10000 hours to become a master at it!

Accept your current reality, knowing that you have the ability to create a new reality.

9. Choose to Create a New Reality.
Doesn’t it make sense that to create something else you have to go through the same process? The creation process and mastery process is the same for everything.

First you are unconsciously incompetent in creating what you really want. Then you start studying the universal laws and how your energy works and now you become consciously incompetent – you realize how little you know about the subject.

Keeping at it, doing the rituals and practices to tune into who you want to be and focusing on what you desire you start getting results and you move to the next stage of being consciously competent. The ultimate stage is being unconsciously competent and it is the unknown non-existent destination.

At the moment I am just entering the stage of becoming consciously competent in the in creating what I desire in my business and life.

The Greater Work and believe me, there is nothing greater and more liberating, satisfying and gratifying is to have a close relationship and being in harmony with the Creative Power of Source that is also within you.

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  • Dina Marais

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