First Responder Appreciation Month

A smile spreads slowly across his cheeks as the sound of footsteps come running down the hall. Recognizing his daddy’s boots, he runs to throw his arms around his neck. Dad is home from his 24-hour shift at the fire station. “Dad, can you play catch?” Son, you know I would love to, but can I have a rain check for another night, it’s been a really long workday and I need to rest.

“Honey, remember we have dinner with my parents this evening,” she hears him call up the stairs as she heads towards their bedroom to take off her police uniform. Pausing for a moment to close her eyes, she bends to take off her boots thinking to herself, if only they could turn on a movie and her husband would offer to provide a foot massage instead of heading right back out the door. 

Gracie held back the tears. She had dreamed of this moment. Being crowned homecoming queen during the Friday night lights football game against their biggest rival was where she had hoped her father would be, especially after they had become so close since her mothers passing a year ago. But she understood. She was so proud of her dad and the work that he did, and the people on the coast needed him more than she did right now due to the catastrophic hurricane. 

“Hi mom, I received your message to call. Service has been spotty where our battalion is stationed,” the sergeant voiced. “How are you?” “Sara, your father has been diagnosed with cancer, and I thought you should be the first to know,” her mother expressed. The line went silent.

September is National First Responder Appreciation Month. 

Their service to our communities often goes unnoticed. When we make a call, they are expected to show up and respond. They save our animals from trees, pull loved ones from cars, and run into fire instead of away. 

First Responders stand up to protect and serve. They are the first to show up and the last to go home. They hold our hands, save loved ones, and leave their families to protect ours. America’s First Responders are the heartbeat of our local communities.

Their duties go unnoticed until the moment arrives to protect and serve. First Responders are our local heroes. They root for the home team and risk their lives to save others.

Thank you for your service to our communities and country First Responders. 

9 Ways To Recognize and Thank Your Local Heroes During Appreciation Month. 

  1. Say thank you for your service. 
  2. Buy a cup of coffee for a First Responder.
  3. Organize a classroom to send thank you letters. 
  4. Donate to Operation Gratitude or a charity that supports and gives back to all First Responders. 
  5. Provide a meal for your local Fire House. 
  6. Join a buy one, give one movement that is giving complimentary Protalus insoles to First Responders for every pair purchased during appreciation month.
  7. Thank them positively on social media. 
  8. Write a personal letter. 
  9. Ask a local hero how you can support them.