What has changed for me
Started following Gary Vee in past couple of weeks and he gives me such a daily boost and reminder to keep hustling.  Saw a note 2 days back about there being only 100 days left in 2017 and it served as a wake-up call to me that I have no time to waste.

Back to the beginning of 2017
I left the corporate world of fixed hours|paid employment in Jan 2017 because I believed I could achieve financial and professional goals on my own terms and also have the luxury of flexibility and time to focus on new and interesting stuff like blockchain.

I was convinced that Complacency and Comfort stifles creativity and potential so I deliberately chose to make myself uncomfortable.  The discomfort would drive me to look for solutions and spurn innovation and creativity, I thought.

And for a while it did. 

I hustled from 7am to midnight everyday, Mon to Sun dabbling in a million new things.  I kept pushing myself till I got so tired and somewhere along the journey, I lost focus of the end goal.

So I slipped back into my comfort zone.  I convinced myself that there were other activities like resting, reading and networking which had priorities over hustling.
The slowdown in hustling was detrimental to whatever little success I have built.

Now I feel like I have to start from further behind the start line than beginning of 2017.

The plan
I will not live out the remaining 98 days (to be exact) in vain.
I have planned out my next 8 weeks and set targets for each day and week.
At the end of the 8 weeks, I have a break from my routine for up to 4 weeks that I am very worried about.  I will be away from my usual activities and I think to have a plan to work remotely before that.
I am determined to get back on my feet hence I started writing. 
Writing down my goals and making it public is another way to hold myself accountable.

Call to Action
~How do you intend to spend the next 98 days in 2017?
~Are there specific goals you want to achieve by 31 December 2017?
~Write down your goals and your action plan.  As I track my progress on a daily to weekly basis, you should too.  Leave them in the comments and let’s revisit and track our goals together

End Goal
I want to close out my 2017 with a champagne celebrating all I have achieved and charging into 2018 to do even more