Words flow along with seas of invisible tears
whirring with tornadoes of emotions
trying to cover past, present and future
but I learn to let loose only one day at a time

Sometimes everything seems so overwhelming
like all sand slipped from hands already
like the storm will last forever
but I learn to hold moments one day at a time

I get the games and plays around
moving along with universe’s intricate sound
I decipher unsuccessfully the plot with plethora of question
but I learn to play my part one day at a time

Drowning in a sea of knowledge
trying to gulp all in a go, yes suffocates
I so yearn for all that inside me although implausible
now I learn to inhale the essence one day at a time

Its all about your span of attention
and depth of thinking in a direction
you can steer clear and find new lands
but only if you learn to live one day at a time