There is a term defined as sweet and exploring known as elixir portion of life called Gratitude , a vital force , energy or power that triggers the Universe to make possible as we want or wish by just expressing our ‘Thank you‘ to every little things that pleases our everyday life. Thank you, simple and sweet words, yet with a powerful echo.Taking a moment to reflect to all those entities that we grateful . The more grateful you are, the more you are attracted to good stuffs either be in any form ; Happiness, Relationships, Career prospects and Physical Health. This is called ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ stimulating Inner contentment, positivity, love and creativity.

Attitude is my Gratitude!

Oh Happy day, today is a new day, to cultivate happiness, a stress free environment and to pursue what ignites sour soul. Nowadays we are fascinated about living a sophisticated lifestyle, latest phone, Mac Laptop, brand car but do you offer gratitude to them, your high caliber job where you are being paid for your hard-work.? How many times you praise your well off luxury mansion , providing shelter to you and your family .You car, which drives you safe, reaching your destination in time. According to Hinduism, Human life span consists of 100 years. Life is big yet short, so why not living this adventure with our heart fully alive at 100% expressing 24/7 of love, gratitude and prayer to all those connected to our life. Just as you take your lunch break everyday similarly take few seconds off from your schedule to be grateful for whatever is happening in your life.

Micro steps to Macro Habits!

Affirmations, not merely words, sentence but a powerful tool that activates the force to turn your goals into reality. The more affirmations, the more you turn towards humility, compassion and love. Every affirmation we speak, every word out of the mouth has an effect to the mind , body and soul. You are free to write your own desired affirmations or goggle them on net but remember all your affirmation must be in present tense. If you recite them in future tense, they will like to happen or never, always remaining in future.

”Positive Affirmations are like planted seeds in fertile soil, bearing flourishing plants while seeds in unproductive land will bear poor growth.

All your affirmations can be based on different major areas of your life or it just depend on how you want them to be.

1. Relationships - I am surrounded by people who love and support me.
2. Career ( Studies, Projects) - I have the best of my career.
3. Physical Health - I am worthy of good health.
4. Wealth - Wealth floats around me daily.

You can have them framed and place in your bedroom, stick to your refrigerator, looking at them everyday. If you are busy in the morning, just record them and play it in your car while driving or save it as your wallpaper in your mobile. Make a habit of reciting them every seconds, every hour. It will surely help in re framing your mindset to positivity and overlooking negativity.

‘Positive Thoughts encourage you to feel optimistic, hopeful and empowered.’

‘Negative beliefs drain you towards bitterness, hopefulness and disheartened.’

Think it, Feel it!

I started practicing ‘an attitude of gratitude’ after having read the famous book – The Secret by Rhonda Byrne’ ; later on those tiny affirmations become my daily habits and finally my precious mantra. Try to remember when we were kids, our parents use to force us to brush our teeth after each meal especially before going to bed. At that, time it was quite annoying but at this point am sure that we all have inculcated this small habit into a daily routine to avoid tooth decay. In the same way, make it a habit of staying grateful for each and every little things. Praising those beautiful flowers in your garden for their fragrance, Obeisance to the sun, which warms the environment, generates weather and provide energy, the rain.. the list goes on. These little things counts otherwise the earth would be lifeless as the desert. Reciting those mantra aloud is easy but you need to feel it from your heart. The act of feeling, emotion and appreciation starts from you. To experience gratitude, you need to realise that is more than just saying ‘Thank you’ but to perceive that inner feeling of realizing how blessed you are to have whatever we already have . Gratitude outshines all other emotions and help you to focus on a brighter new wave of direction ;

  • A journey of 100% positiveness.
  • Chasing selflessness from self – centeredness.
  • Expression of goodness and value for life.

Complains activate your mode of disturbance!

We are no longer unfamiliar from bad days or tough times that lower our mood and break down our inner strength by making it difficult to practice gratitude. When the dark grey clouds block your path, you just need to be patient and remains calm, always displaying a positive and resilient attitude but never ever complain. Be grateful for those hardships as it may be a learning process moment . ‘Act as a warrior not a worrier’ and face those tricky thorns with faith and belief. Complaining has been an easiest way to show disrespect to whatever we love, adore or even respect. Just as your car breaks down, you start complaining, making a big issue out of it, at least be happy you are an owner of a transport or have money to repair it anytime. Think of those who do not have them. How you can’t be grateful?. Don’t get me wrong, there are still many people who are facing tremendous types of sufferings in different parts of the world , deprived from food, shelter, clothing but yet are surviving ,crying in gratitude where there’s no one to hear their voice. Your type of complains are too tiny in front of their plight. Stop complaining and show some respect to those who are living life like hell. Every time you feel like complaining, just remember how hard life is for others. Complaining will only feeds the monster within you so just accept your situation, count your blessings, empathize , smile and make a sweet gesture towards the universe ,in the wave of change, you will find your direction.

Let's look at this analogy:
A conversation between 2 friends asking about their health.
Person A is taking to B - Aloha buddy, How do you do?
Friend B replies - Thank you, Thank you, The gift of health is keeping me alive.

Person B ask A - How's life treating you?
A responds - I am not in good shape, suffering from fever. I don't think i shall recover soon. The virus is killing me.

From this illustration, We saw a dialogue between two friends. One is grateful for his physical health while B is complaining about his poor health issue. Even in distress or pain, one should always be grateful. As I told you before the more ungrateful, the more the universe will pour negative vibes around. Always praise your life, either in contentment, sorrows, rich or poor. Express admiration for your life, your eyes helping you to see the beauty of existence, mouth to speak wise and sweet words, hand to use and your ears to listen the soothing sound.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you….

Life is truly a Miracle.

” Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include things in your gratitude.”

*Ralph Waldo Emerson*