Thirteen-year-old Adam Avin, creator of the children’s yoga dog character, “Wuf Shanti,” says the character’s TV show helps keep his great-grandfather’s three mantras alive: “Smile and the world will smile with you,” the kindness mantra; “Smile and Say Thank You,” the gratitude mantra; and “Think Well to be Well,” the positive thinking mantra.

Adam says that although there are many feel-good children’s shows, none is quite like his. “They don’t teach the yogi mindset, they don’t teach all these different yoga poses, they don’t teach the meditation techniques,” he said.

The Children’s Television Network, the in-house station at children’s hospitals across the country, which picked up “Wuf Shanti,” has extended its coverage internationally via Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV stick, Samsung smart televisions, among others.

Wuf Shanti, the life-size dog and star of the show, started off as drawings by Adam with his great-grandfather’s mantras written underneath, which the teen then developed into a book before setting his sights on the television show & mobile app.

Adam, who is one of the youngest certified yoga instructors in Florida, was the original Wuf Shanti. He dressed in a life-size dog costume until he outgrew it. He’s now 5 feet 10.

Adam, who is one of the youngest certified children yoga instructors in Florida, by Kidding Around Yoga and Rainbow Kids Yoga, created Wuf Shanti, a life-size dog that performs yoga poses, meditations, and sings along with children in front of the camera.

When the cameras are not rolling, he travels to children’s hospitals around the nation to visit the kids, lead yoga classes and teach positive thinking and mindfulness.

On Facebook, Wuf Shanti has more than 75,000 followers. Last year, singer Adam Levine of Maroon 5 posted on his own Facebook page, “What a cool way to teach kids yoga. Go back this Kickstarter from an amazing kid!”

Donnie Vick, CEO of The Children’s Television Network, said this show along with others on the network will offer viewers something unlike any other current show.

“It gets kids moving and start thinking about their body,” he said. “What I really like is that it’s delivered by someone closer to their age rather than a 35-year-old delivering the message. Because sometimes kids like to hear things from other kids.”

“Wuf Shanti,” which is executive produced and written by Adam’s mother, Marni Becker-Avin, is also available through a mindful mobile app, Wuf Shanti’s Yoga Fun Machine, which has the videos, music, and yogic-minded games. It is also available daily on local PBS stations in South Florida and anytime on YouTube Kids.

“Wuf Shanti is so important right now, with everything going on in the world because he encourages health and wellness in children and promotes peace and positivity,” Becker-Avin said.

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