Humble attitude in the beginning of the journey to humble attitude after success-This is what Harsh Garg, a resident of a small district of Punjab and a leading personality recommends as an important part of the journey of success.

The way, he has represented his name, is unconventional and unique along with which he has shown a path of success to his followers. Seems this uniqueness is the reason of success of such people building their niche among the crowd also. Elaborating his own name, Harsh has beautifully expressed the way to success with some mantras to be adopted in one’s life. He opines that every era has its own skills to be justified and this 21st century also has a versatile set of skills that are to be mastered to gain success in life.

Humble attitude and Hardwork

It has been beautifully said by Harsh Garg that hardwork has no other alternative and he justifies the same with his perpetual hardwork keeping himself down to earth. What surprises the others, is his mature approach towards life that guides him on this path of diligence. He further adds that humble attitude in life is significant as it keeps the person glued to the basics instead of leading a life of hypothesis and exaggeration.

Analysis of the market

Analytical skill is considered as the prominent amongst the 21st century skills, says Harsh which is certainly the scenario as it’s important to observe and analyse the market to know the scope of the same inclusive of the genre that has been already exhausted to its capacity. Analysis comes after the strong research and it requires sharp acumen to analyse the researched data. This trait saves the person to put efforts in wrong direction because it includes proper planning on the basis of data analysis.

Rely upon your skills

Harsh Garg is of firm belief that one should always rely upon himself to the spirit up. After proper analysis, once the path is chosen, one shouldn’t stop and doubt one’s skills. Motivation and Confidence are important to be maintained during the journey and that’s only possible when we believe in ourselves. At this early age of stepping into the adulthood, Harsh Garg has never quoted himself, “I can’t do it” and this is the ultimate reason of his unbounded success.

Stay alert

Though we need to keep moving on the path but it’s more important to stay alert for the coming obstacles. During this scenario of cut throat competition, it has become difficult to differentiate between the good and bad intentions of others due to which staying alert becomes the only option because one moment of its avoidance can be expensive to bear. This kind of statement by Harsh has proved that he is from the world where practical approach has become significant.

Humble attitude after success

It is aptly said that maintenance of success is harder than achieving success and Harsh Garg has given a very strong reason for the same as he says that the journey to achieve success keeps you humble throughout but there is the probability of losing it after reaching the destination and that’s the moment when it becomes harder to maintain the success. Therefore, he has claimed that if anyone wants the perpetual taste of success then it’s crucial to remain down to earth and keep respecting others.

After knowing his path to success, it is evident that it’s not a child’s prey to attain the skills of 21st century and execute them to achieve the heights but Harsh Garg has exceptionally worked upon these skills and attained a leading name in this 21st century industry