Have you ever watched TV? That’s silly of course you have. Have you ever watched TV, especially “Reality Shows”? I have a theory, and I know everyone has felt this way before. Eventually, when we watch these reality shows, we start to wish we had the things these celebrities have. The money, the fame, the possessions, the ease of life. Unfortunately, these “reality” stars don’t actually live in reality. I mean real reality. The reality that we all live in everyday. The reality where we barely are able to pay our bills, take care of EVERYTHING in our lives, go to work, date, manage a social life, care for sick loved ones, care for children, take care of a house, and still stay sane and rested. I have a very simple theory that can really help better our lives, and instead of focusing on a reality that will likely never happen, we can focus on making our reality a little better day by day. My theory is, let’s just stop giving these people the attention they don’t deserve. Let’s get up, kick ass, and work on OUR lives, and stop focusing on others. Let’s just be happy. But in reality, you’re not going to listen to me by you just reading this paragraph. So what can enacting this theory in your life do for you?


Do you base YOUR reality on someone else’s reality? It’s time to move on. That reality stars reality isn’t your reality. Once we can all realize this, and MOVE ON, we will all be a little happier by focusing on our lives and our happiness. There are so many beautiful things to focus more energy on. Our families, our pets, our friends, our studies, exercise, and the list goes on and on. I’m not saying I’m innocent of this either, I am very guilty. However, I am writing this to help you, and myself. What else can this do for you?


The more blogs of mine that you read, you’ll start to notice a common theme. POSITIVITY. Less time in the fake reality that America has created for us regular, hard working people, the more positivity you will have in your life. I promise you. I have tested this theory. For a week, I drastically reduced my TV time, and did other things. Exercised, played more with my dog, had discussions with my family, and I felt great. My thoughts were more positive. It’s hard, I know. It’s America’s pass time, TV. I found another pass time in my writing, that’s why I started this blog. To bring my knowledge of life experiences, opinions, and current events to my readers. I have a test for you. Starting on Monday, record all of your TV time, really track how much you watch. Then, try and cut that in half. I promise you, you’ll notice a difference in your life.

Ease of Life

This one, out of all three, is probably the best. I realize that we will all never cut out all TV. However… I think by cutting the amount of time we spend in TV land, we will seriously just have an easier life. You will be able to sleep more because you’re not wasting so much time (which I am guilty of), have less anxiety in the can’t haves, and focusing on what you can have. We are all amazing in our own right, and I think by wasting it on things we can’t control, something that will keep us stuck in a constant state of wanting more, we will all live a better life; I promise.