The book teaches you no matter how much difficult situation is, never lose hope. Be optimistic.

Kishor Panthi, an eminent journalist residing in New York, has recently published a famous book “KAMPAN”. The book has been simultaneously launched in several different countries including Nepal, USA, UK, Europe etc. The book delineates the afflictions of people of Nepal because of the destructive earthquake of April 25th, 2015. The wrath of Mother Nature was a catastrophe that affected the lives of millions of Nepalese. The worst nightmare snatched lives, homes, families from people in just fraction of seconds. As people of Nepal have together faced this tragedy with fortitude, the poignant details of tribulation evoke the memories of the horrific earthquake and strengthen the bond of fraternity among peoples of Nepal residing world. Here I’m going to share exciting positive aspects of Kampan. I am going to describe the top five reasons for which you should read the Kampan.

1. Humanity Is More Powerful Than Any Catastrophe

As the Author himself has been a victim of disaster and part of rescue teams, he vividly explains how the people of Nepal faced the massive destruction and loss of loved ones. Within the seconds, the earthquake destroyed the houses of the people into debris, countless people lost their lives, and the whole Nepal turned in to a sepulcher. Although the deadly earthquake shattered Nepal, People of faced it with great fortitude and proved that no catastrophe is bigger than human spirit and endurance. The book has been written so well that the reader can feel tragedy, tears, and pain of victims of the earthquake. The author has also described heart touching memories of his childhood with his father. Kampan is an encyclopedia of human emotional touch. Without any doubt, I can say that this book will endow its reader with indelible insight into the untold miseries and pains of the victim of earthquakes in Nepal.

Imbued with the feelings of self-confidence, care, and spirit of help, the people of Nepal became a united force to face the most horrific consequences of the earthquake. The terrible seismic waves shattered Nepal; however, the same waves galvanize the spirit of help and care among the people. The book depicts the power of humanity and teaches how acting together humans can face the worst nightmares and mitigate their pains through sharing and caring.

2. How to Survive in A Nightmare Disaster?

The first-hand experiences, thoughts, and feelings of people from different people have been shared in the book. From doctors to journalists, many people have shared the stories of their survival, and how thereafter they helped the victims of the earthquake. Mr. Neupane was reading the news and at the same time, the building quivered. Just imagine how he survived? Social activist Bishnu Maya Pariyar says that his own home cracked, but he decided first to help the people who have lost their homes. He decided to build four hundred houses. The seismic waves were not able to deter his determination to help and support his people. Dr. Bhakta Bahadur Shrestha, Dr. BinodSherchan, and Dr. Sanjaya Bikran Shrestha were carrying out a surgery in the hospital when the building started to tremble badly. However, they didn’t run out of the operation theater to save their own lives. The book contains several examples of such heroes who without caring for their own lives saved lives of other people.

3. Citizens Responsibilities Towards the Country

Being the citizen and inhabitant of a country, we are all part of a certain community. We have responsibilities for our nation and our motherland. The book demonstrates how the people of Nepal transcended their responsibilities for humanity. Because of fervent desire to help their people, many Nepalese residing in other countries went to Nepal. Besides providing financial assistance, along with army and police personals these expatriate Nepalese actively took part in rescue operations. we can do our best to help other to surmount the seemingly indefatigable challenges posed by the disaster.

4. It Makes You Stronger Than Before.

If you think that your life is miserable due to hardships that you are facing in your life, this book will make you realize the blessing that you have in your life. You will understand that your life despite full of difficult challenges is still better than those who lost their everything within in fractions of seconds. You may even cry on the hardships of the victims of the earthquake, and your crying will make you stronger. Read the story of Som Maya Damage P. 65, Dani Thapa, P. 51, Deepak Bika 46, Purna Bahadur Bulung P. 20 and Ghirmi Lopchan P. 17. The powerful read is divided into six segments with ineluctable stories that you simply will not be able to skip. The author has penned down riveting interviews and brought stories of several people whose lives were affected in different ways by the earthquake.

5. Kampan Carries the Hope

People of Nepal lost everything, but they didn’t lose hope. Despite the people who survived were badly injured, they remained optimistic. Read the story of Dani Thapa and her daughter. Even she survived despite it seemed impossible for her to survive. The book teaches you no matter how much difficult situation is, never lose hope. Be optimistic. Rebuild the nation, and the nation will be even stronger. However, with the irreparable loss of so many lives, now the survivors especially youths have great responsibilities to the nation. I can say this book is larger than life.



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