Personal branding is bigger than ever and long gone are the days of relying solely upon a decent logo and business cards at networking events. Don’t get me wrong, we still need these vital elements in order for our brands to work but the fundamentals are what will elevate you further; the fundamentals being you. You are your personal brand.

Now, more than ever, is the right time to delve deep into your business and this means looking at your core values, your brand messaging and your personal brand as a whole. Why? Because people buy from people and the most successful entrepreneurs are those who have built a brand around themselves.

Be honest and do it with integrity

As I mentioned above, people buy from people. You will not catch anyone repeat buying from someone that has miss-sold a product on the basis of dishonesty. Be natural with your selling, don’t overdo it and don’t look too deep into other businesses. This won’t help you and it will distract you from your own authenticity – you could also end up with a bad dose of comparisonitis. Remember that you do not know the background behind another business, you are the only expert within your own so you must keep it that way.

Show up regularly and show your failures

Showcase yourself, show up and don’t be afraid to be seen when you’re having an off or down day. People want to see the face behind the brand and the driving force; that includes the days where something hasn’t gone to plan or you feel like you’ve not achieved to your full potential. Celebrate your successes and share your failures – it’s how we all learn and you will be able to help others. Although, it isn’t just that, people will look up to you and see that you are only human. Inevitably gaining the like/trust factor. As entrepreneurs we put far too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect and if we continue to do so, by not showing ‘the warts and all’ the cracks will begin to form and we will not be able to deliver to the standards that we set for ourselves and the brand clarity will begin to fade.

We are going to begin seeing a high volume of entrepreneurs as we enter into 2021 and by putting into action the building of your personal brand you will already be set to soar into the new year with a fresh pair of eyes. You will have a personal brand that is working for you as well as along with you and what is more, you will also begin to feel the confidence that you once had reignited.

If there is anything to take from this, it is to be and brand yourself. That will shine through above anything. Make the steps now and be rewarded for them.