by Ariaa Jaeger

Wherever I lecture, I am often asked about my death experience which occurred almost twenty-four years ago in Austria. I find that most are not interested in the details of how it happened, as much as they are in what I saw, felt and learned.

The answer always sounds so cliché’ and yet there are simply no words to define what is profoundly infinite and intimate. I have since enjoyed a passionate love affair with the cosmos and every tangible and intangible terrain within it. The cliché’ answer of course, is that I felt love devoid of human perception; love that is exacting, explosive, electric, calming, soothing, awakening, kinetic and completely saturating. The love I experienced is deeper than the ocean, more vibrant than a million Hope diamonds and with a greater purity than the kisses of a thousand babies; it is simply unlike love on earth. My theory is that humans search madly to find love on earth, and many times are unfulfilled because they are trying to recapture or simulate the love they felt in higher fields of light, before arriving on earth. There is no love on earth that is in any way proportionate to what love on the other side is like.

There are colors in the universe that the earthen eye has never beheld and mathematical grids, filled with various combinations and formulas, which some feel translates to sacred geometry. There are fields which are alive with souls continuing their path, whether working in angelic realms to assist those on earth or simply studying with sages, who are alive and teaching in the holographic life continuum. Since time is an earth concept and only relative to this plain, everything in the holographic continuum, is happening simultaneously.

There are other fields where you can view the records of your soul, also known as the Akashic records or what the Bible refers to, as the “Lambs Book of Life,” where every thought and action, is stored and replayed. It is as if you are learning from the greatest teacher, you. As you assess your past, your present and your future, it all begins to make sense; the things you loved and the things you didn’t, the people you continued to return to the earth with time and time again, to either repeat or exhaust life lessons or repay karma. You chose it all but not in the way that most perceive. You choose based on many variables and then arrive on earth with little to no memory of it occurring in about 90% of all souls returning. More evolved souls do retain enough information to get a jump start on their future…many of them now featured as “whiz kids” in current television shows. There are infinite pathways and all of them are good no matter what judgement a human places on it.

The day I died was the day I began to live without fear, free of self-doubt and without sickness. In fact I have not been sick with even a cold since my death in 1993 because I learned there, what so many here have yet to grasp; that sickness and disease are symptoms of something greater and have little to do with contagions or genetics. This is a topic worthy of an entire blog so I will leave it for another time.

Everything you experience is a product of beliefs and perceptions and how you formulate those creates the outcome. Whether you create it by neglect, happenstance or by not addressing your inner unrest, there is an emotional core to almost every disease or sickness in the world. Frequency must be sustained to create perfect health and how to keep your frequency high?

It comes back to love once more. Love is the energy which transfers the light which becomes matter and produces frequency which becomes wave. We can convert energy into matter and matter into energy but without the element of love, science is missing the complete formula. Now of course scientists do not factor in what they perceive is human emotion; however love is energy and how it is wielded, even in thought, produces a wave of energy which emanates from your physical body.

When you meditate, you are coupling this same quantum energy, which is the soul’s composition, with the universal Source of quantum light, thus traversing all human emotion. When you remove the ego and emotion, you reach beyond all limitations where solutions are readily available for every given circumstance. It is often emoting which prevents the solutions from revealing themselves but when you still the mind and quiet the soul, they appear.

What I learned by dying is that there is no limitation unless you impose one on yourself or others. That is some serious juju and is accompanied by having to take personal responsibility for every thought and action which dullens, deafens or diminishes the innate, master teacher.

While on earth, death does not have to be a physical one to capture and incorporate these primary principles. Death of the ego, of dysfunction, of any beliefs which limit you, of judgements and closed-mindedness, can free the mind and the body to live with a greater degree of limitlessness. Remember, the Source lives in every sentient being and all you have to do is realign, quiet the mind and KNOW, to unleash its unlimited power.

The goal of life is to continue living what you discovered by dying.

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