Landon Buford Gives 3 Tips to being a successful entrepreneur.

Everything you do as a business. One of the keys to being successful in life and in business is knowing your worth and your value.

I had the most exciting opportunity to chat it up with Celebrity Journalist Landon Buford.

Landon Buford was born in Seattle, Washington and raised in Richardson, TX. He obtained his Associate’s Degree in Arts & Science at Bellevue College in Bellevue, Washington and his Bachelors of Arts in Social Science from Washington State University. Upon graduating from WSU, Landon worked with Team USA Track & Field Member Long Jumper Norris Frederick as a Marketing Intern. Frederick is known as Washington State’s Most Decorated Athlete.

In 2015 Landon accepted a free writers position with ‘The Hype Magazine, ‘RESPECT MAG’, ‘Jack Thriller’, ‘Street Khemistry’, ‘The Rap Fest’, and ‘Hip Hop’ and more. In 2016 Landon relocated back to the Dallas area where he continues to pursue a career as a social media journalist. He has also worked with companies such as Twitter, The AT&T Performing Arts Center, Seattle Repertory Theatre, and Brooklyn based watch company “Rebel Time Co”, Neiman Marcus, and Reliant Energy.

He has authored articles featuring such public figures as Grammy Award winner Saxophonist Kenny G, Dallas Maverick’s Dirk Nowitzki Foundation, 2017 NCAA Women’s Final Four, Team USA Track and member Norris Frederick, Darius ”Eddie Winslow” McCrary, En Vogue’s Maxine Jones, David Banner, NBC’s Chicago PD’s Laroyce Hawkins, What’s Trending Co-Founder and CEO Shira Lazar, Blackish Allen Maldonado, James Kyson and more. He has covered events that include The 2017 NCAA Women’s Final Four, 2017 WNBA All-Star Game, Paul Allen’s Upstream Festival & Summit, Big 3 in Dallas, WNBA Great Lauren Jackson Retirement Ceremony.

Landon gives 3 Must have tips to being successful as an entrepreneurship.

1. Knowing your value and your worth. When you’re starting a business, think about the brand you want to be like. Are you a “business man” or are you a BUSINESS. Is your business a cattle like “McDonalds” low price, open all the time and anyone can come? (No pun intended) Or is your business a Corporation that charges Top Dollar, has a niche and knows who their consumers are. Does your business know everything they need to know about its buyer? These are important questions you must ask yourself, how else will you know your worth?

2. Segwaying from number one. Who is your consumer? Does your business date them with marketing? Does your business advertise to their most pressing needs right now? Knowing everything you need to know is key. Such as.

Where does your ideal client live?

Where does your ideal client shop?

How much does your ideal client make?

What is your ideal client’s sexual orientation?

How many children does your ideal client have?

Does your ideal client have children?

What is your ideal client’s religion?

What are your ideal client’s values?

What’s really important to your ideal client?

What is your competitor serving your ideal client?

Get where I am going with this?

3. Have a sales strategy in place (since you know what your ideal client makes, and what’s important to them.

What’s your strategy?

What kind of lifestyle do you want?

What’s going to set you out from your competitor? That’s where Landon comes in. While you can advertise (it makes quick dollars) PR and Journalism is what is going to make date your client and get the story behind your business to your client so that you can marry them, and ie Sales strategy.

Lastly, make sure your getting enough rest, sleep, and time for self, so you can be at peak performance when dealing with clients.  You always want to put your best self forward. 

Landon is big on self-worth, strategy, exclusivity, and quality of quantity all day.

Until Next time, 

Kimberly Jesika, signing off!