What do we generally dream in life? Happiness and wealth?

The meaning of success in general sense is being happy and together being able to earn wealth wealth.

After a long week of working, earning wealth, we decide to do some activities that offer us happiness on weekends. Sometimes, we go out for tours for weeks after months to tedious work. Happiness and wealth have become two separate needs to modern beings.

What if your work was creating happiness? You offer happiness to your customers and earn wealth in return. ‘Offering happiness’ is an idea worth growing.

‘Offering Happiness’ is an innovative business idea. The core idea is, it plans and delivers happiness to you on your birthdays, anniversaries, inaugurations and all celebrations.

The story behind…..

Santosh Pandey and his team started formally working on this idea only a year ago. Few years back, Santosh had some vivid idea in mind. He used to roam around restaurants, talk to the owners about his idea of Offering Happiness, and usually return ignored, avoided.

Visiting random places, we made new friends showing interest to his concept of Offering Happiness. They together teamed up and started the business of ‘Offering Happiness.’

For months, they business was low. It was difficult to work get clients. Abhinash Chaudhary, the CEO of Offering Happiness shares, “We used social media in its best ways, presented our idea well and today in just a year we can say our business has sustained well. We have indeed established the concept of offering happiness in Nepali market. We used effective marketing strategies at right time and reaching right audience.”

Let’s talk about money now…..

Offering Happiness started only with an initial capital of Rs.60,000. Today, after a year the monthly sales accounts to one million rupees on an average. The business cater 3 to 5 clients a day, transacting one to three hundred thousands daily. Plus, the service is customer’s status friendly. You can gift surprises to your loved ones in your budget. The service takes care of client’s affordability very well.

Where does it offer the surprises?

A common place, people choose for surprising their loved once is a restaurant. Apart from this, the service can be made available at your home, a hotel, open space, little private space and almost anywhere you desire for. There are no limits.

Why people choose this service?

Usually, when it comes to surprises, the surprise planner is tired, nervous and lethargic arranging here are there, before the surprise event itself.

With, Offering Happiness service you don’t need to worry at all. You stay cool in the entire process.

Santosh Pandey also add, it feels happy when you get to see other people happy. We sense a deep level of satisfaction, as we are offering happiness all over.

At the end…..

The service is only available in Kathmandu valley till now. There has been demand and request from many other parts to the country to get this service. The team of Offering Happiness is looking forward to expanding their team members and resources to extend this services in other parts of Nepal as well.

Question after reading,

What sort of surprise would you love to have in your own birthday?

Originally published at www.hamrokatha.com