Many business ventures do not survive the market for long. There are a myriad of factors that contribute to either success or failure of businesses. The current market trend leans toward the diversification of products – as a response to the technological innovations of the time. Smart entrepreneurs, who lack sufficient background and motivation to sustain a planned enterprise, often seek the help of third parties. This is where the public eye turns to exceptional people like Chris Graffagnino.

Graffagnino is an entrepreneur, world traveler, and business influencer born in New York. He currently resides in New Jersey with his wife Danielle, and two beautiful children, Christopher and Chloe.

For years, Graffagnino helps young, on-the-rise entrepreneurs in finding their niches within the local to the international market. Settle4Success, a company he founded, aims to provide a safe space for budding entrepreneurs to innovate, explore, and think. Whether a struggling or starting business person in and out of Wall Street, Graffagnino and his company creates a difference and boosts the drive of clients through professional advice without cost. The company holds a fundamental principle in all its mentorship sessions with clients: to think outside the box. 

In many circumstances, Graffagnino posits, the younger generation does not proceed with business ideas because they are laughed at or ridiculed. With the mission to guide creative minds, Settle4Succes has assisted hundreds and thousands of individuals to unlock original, ingenious ideas and kickstart their business ventures. They target high school and college or university students in the prospect of exercising young minds in pioneering fresh ideas and, ultimately, monetizing it. 

Helping impact young minds and inspiring change with a goal for an innovative society, Graffagnino landed in a prestigious list by Yahoo Finance – the 10 Most Influential People of 2020. The list features ten of the brightest and most inspiring individuals in the US, ranging from influencers, CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs, artists, among others. It is a reminder that there are people who devote their time, energy, and resources to make meaningful changes in society. 

Listed as 10th on the roll is no ordinary feat for an entrepreneur and influencer like Graffagnino. To be part of a lineup, together with the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, a Belarusian-American entrepreneur, co-founder of Resy and Empathy Wines, chairperson of VaynerX, and CEO of VaynerMedia, is a delight for Graffagnino. With Settle4Success, he gained international acclaim that eventually made him part of a promising roster. Sharing the legacy with nine other personalities, Graffagnino and Settle4Succes continue to open its doors for minds who have a knack for crafting smart proposals. 

As a world traveler, he updates his understanding of business and shares it with his clients while providing adequate knowledge of crisis and its management. Having backgrounds in security and risk management as a former US Army combat veteran and law enforcement officer, Graffagnino specializes in crisis management like security evacuation and repatriation services. 

Settle4Success continues to achieve its purpose of monetizing the passion of individuals. They provide expert education to operationalize appropriate business models for different projects. In a country abundant with ideas just floating around only waiting for an opportunity to set off, Settle4Sucess is the company cut out for the job.

For more information about Settle4Success, follow Chris on Instagram.