Our lives are busy. When we are not chasing company goals, we are chasing new technological inventions to make life better and rarely do we find the ‘me’ time which is of utmost importance if we are to perform at our optimum levels in our jobs.

Sometimes back, I was a workaholic. Working at a start-up advertising agency, I would burn the midnight oil trying to pitch clients, writing web copy for my site, maintaining the social media presence of my business and trying to get to conferences where I would go and network with like-minded individuals or people who would end up becoming my customers.

Of course it was tiring and deep inside I knew that I must be resting and getting sometimes off but I just wouldn’t. My wife was always on my case complaining that I was not giving the family enough time and this really got be pressurized from all corners.

Then she suggested that we go out for a camp so that I could get rejuvenated and though I accepted reluctantly, that one camping trip changed everything and how I performed in my job afterwards. Initially, I had not heard or read of Murray William who has written a book on how to camp and hyped America’s love for camping as it is today. The camping trip was not so filled with activities other than the preparations and sampling through some of the famous  camping sites in the world and ending up with Devon in England. Some of the activities we engaged in included:

Bird watching

You do not need to invest on anything to watch birds. No, just going out and relieving your eyes after staring at the blue light for long.

Watch a sunset

Watching a sunset also calls for nothing. You just need to be there to see the beauty of a sunset.

Climbing trees with family

Climbing trees in an arboretum with family can be fun and thrilling. It was also a great time to connect with the kids and laugh at each other as we fell off the trees.

Sleep outside telling stories by the moonlight

We did this with my wife and it turned out to be the most thrilling experience that one could achieve. Though simple, it also helped rekindle our love and solidified the bond between us.

For sleeping outside in the vast wild, we needed something that would help us enjoy the night while still maintaining the carefree attitude. Enter the camping beds

How camping beds help color your camping

For most campers, sleeping in a simple sleeping bag would suffice but what if there are some ground crawling insects that could make their way into your ears and all that? You are out there to camp, right? Not to get strange insect bites.

Again, how safe is the ground when you are by the ocean where water could easily find its way into your sleeping bag during the high tides? Well, you will agree with me that though sleeping on the ground seems fun, it also has its own setbacks. My wife cannot stand any crawling animal no matter how harmless it might seem; be it a black ant, scorpion or snake. She therefore insisted that we get a cozy camping bed. And so , I had to get a Teton Sports camping cot which proved awesome for the following factors:

  1. Comfort: We wanted something sturdy and at the same time comfortable to sleep in. Not those wobbly things that have you sleeping in fear that it might crumble and you fall.
  2. Spacious for two people: The camping cot had to be big enough such that we could fit into it the two of us as we stared at the moon and narrated stories to each other.
  3. Ease in setting up: No fancy setting up instructions since we are not the kind that loves reading a whole load of instructions.

Needless to say, after the camping trip, I went back to my job and boy, was I productive! I was able to get clients as well as have more work done at the end of each day.