After the current pandemic, no other power in the world is more crucial for the birth of a new society than the mother figure. The world is now being revealed as an integral, global system. This means that the world is forcing us to treat each other the same way our mothers treat us, creating an environment filled with the qualities of bestowal and love.

Beyond the celebration of Mother’s Day, marked on the calendar as a reminder of the important role of those women who have given birth to every generation, there is a profound significance in their essential contribution to a new world. It is precisely in the quality of motherhood that a special power exists that can change reality for the better.

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has sped up the labor process in the birth of a new reality.

Michael Laitman

Although with the help of the man, we see that it is the mother who conceives, delivers the embryo, nurses, feeds, and raises the baby until it becomes ready for life. In the same way, all the mothers, every woman in the world, needs to see in this critical transition process the world is going through, her opportunity to take humanity to a higher level of existence, to harmonious relations between us, just like an embryo about to be born.

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has sped up the labor process in the birth of a new reality. It is causing pain and hard work, but the outcome could be a robust and healthy world instead of the previous one that brought us to the crisis we are currently trying to overcome.

Humanity Is Learning to Crawl

Our human development has gone through two overall stages. The first stage unfolded through men and was characterized by wars, financial instability, various unfortunate global events, and blows that would not have happened under the care of women. Now we are moving into a stage in which specifically the mother, the woman, must take up the role of educating the world and delineating the future world we have to envision. Therefore, this critical time is the time of the woman. However, in order to implement this noble goal, women must learn how to connect to other women by rising above their personal egos for the sake of the correction of the world. However difficult, there is no choice and the job must be done.

Unity is a nice word but hard to put into practice. Neither men nor women are born with the inclination to unite, but we have reached a stage in our development where we are left with no other alternative but to connect. It’s a matter of survival for our own children and humanity as a whole. Thus, any step toward connection, no matter how small, is a huge step toward truly giving birth to a new humanity and making it grow, inch upward, and stand firm. Only women will be able to carry out this crucial role, educate, and provide an example to follow on how to unite. We will demand that men connect correctly, and by showing the way, we will lead the entire world toward correction.

What kind of connection are we talking about? As part of human evolution we are now required to develop a new quality: concern for all of society. When this shared desire arises to connect as if we are a single person—the desire for the wellbeing of all the people like they are our own children—a special unifying force manifests, a positive force which changes reality for the better.

To connect with one another, mothers must learn to overcome the natural distance between them and transcend their personal interests. Women must gradually come to feel that if something happens to someone, it is like it is happening in their own family. Mutual concern will allow us to build and ensure peace, security, and happiness for all children of all generations.

Through the example of the mother, nature teaches us that by connecting, we can be saved from all the harms . If mothers form a common desire to keep everyone together, if they create a strong demand that everyone truly connects as one, they will be able to change the world. Nothing can withstand a united feminine power. Happy Mother’s Day!