A number of people across the world dream ofworking in foreign countries. Haida Interact International Company Ltd, a recruitment company in China, is attracting foreign teachers from various countries to live an amazing life by working in local institutes and exploring the country at the same time.

The recruitment company is providing opportunities to foreign teachers from all over the world. There is an enormous demand for English teachers in China, which is growing exponentially. But the company is also hiring other teachers, besides the English tutors.Haida International also provides a wide-range of services to the hired candidates. Apart from free accommodation and monthly trips, the teachers are given a handsome salary package, and decent growth in their respective profiles.

The company conducts training sessions and seminars, where these teachers are educated about the culture and languages that China has to offer. Language is often a barrier for any professional individual who wants to work in a foreign country, but with Haida International China, it is not a challenge anymore. The teaching skills and methods of these foreign teachers are shaped to meet the requirement of different institutions.

The educators not only enjoy their time in this adventurous part of the world, but also gain a much-needed international experience, which holds them in good stead for the future. A number of companies around the world are looking for candidates with international experience, which means spending a year in China can be highly rewarding. Apart from this, the free TEFL course provided by the company only adds to the advantages.

HaidaInteract International Company Ltd is one of the few companies, which has maintained a balance between the recruitment of local and foreign teachers, ensuring first-class education is provided to the students. Till now, a large number of students have benefited from the teachers recruited by Haida HR. 
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