This is one second, in one minute, in one day, in one very important life…YOURS!  When was the last time you took the time to notice what’ happening in THIS moment?   Sitting or standing right where you are.   Just as it is,  adding no thought or  judgement about it?    I, for example, am sitting on my couch.  There are 3 throw pillows and a sweet golden cockapoo with me.   I have a computer on my lap and the bottom of it is a little warm.  My fingers are chilly and I can hear faint TV in the background as well as the my husband mulling around the kitchen.   Come in closer, I can feel that my shoulders are tight and and my belly has a slight rumble.  This is happening right now in this one moment. I shut my eyes and take a breath.  Rest my head on the top of the couch and intentionally let my shoulders fall towards my hips. I am present.
This is my experiment today about being with what is as it is and nothing more.  No added judgements or thoughts. No need to fix or analyze…
Do you find yourself caught in a flow of filling the time and busying the day adding  judgements of what has happened or not happened?   Do you lay in bed at night and wonder where your day went?  Is it possible you are like me, often times on some sort of overdrive auto pilot?    Human doing and doing and doing.   Stopping only to think…was it ok, am I enough and what else is there to do?   Then applying some sort of score to how  “IT” is all going?
Stop for a minute. Is it possible to be intentional and savor this one moment.  To practice remembering to remember.   I am in an experiment of intentionality right now.   Remember to remember you say?   What is she talking about?   What I am talking about is setting an intention (a goal or purpose) to this day.  Looking  for an opportunity to practice focus and  presence.   I’ve begun  starting my mornings  with 10 slow breaths and  a 2 min mantra meditation. (ill include a mantra  for you at the end).  Following this morning wake-up routine, I set a daily intention/plan/purpose and I write in down on a small piece of paper. Then, I set a reminder in my phone for later in the day and mark it “TIME TO REMEMBER”
Today, the intention is “I will stop for a minute and BE exactly where I am and I will notice what is right here in-front of me. I will be present with out judgment.”  When my phone reminder goes off I stop.   I remember to remember that I am choosing to be intentional and present.  I close my eyes and pay attention to my breath.  I begin to note where I am, what is in the physical space around me and how I feel emotionally and physically.  In one moment  I have taken time to BE right where I am.   I choose and accept it just as it is.  I refocus to begin my day again.
Use the mantra “I breathe in, I breath out” for your 2 min in the morning
I encourage you to take a moment today to be still and notice. You are right where you are meant to be.

“In today’s rush we all think too much, want too much and forget about the joy of just Being.” -Eckhart Tolle