A Christmas Straightaway”
Do you hear what I can see?
Why does Christmas arrive earlier consistently?
Its a Christmas Season keeping of the Straightaway.
A Kucious from Baltic Lithuania for Kristina.
She twitches and catches People’s Love in attention on Christmas Eve.
A candlelight Straightaway.
The Fireplace roars, and Kelly hangs her colorful woolen Stocking.
She moves and her Life becomes a Noel Christmas made Novel.
A Santa Straightaway.
Noah’s Ark has many vacancies because Katie Grace is at the Helm.
She thinks of her untamed Tribe, and the Animals fall in Love again.
A Noah’s floating Straightaway.
Kerry whispers and plants a seed to her Love Orchestra.
She will exhale notes with thundering tremors beyond Time.
A Sinfonietta Straightaway.
The Book of Kells lands on Daniel,He is a Troupe of binding Canon Tables.
His Love is still,tapping a Christmas Carol’s Piano Key.
A splendid Straightaway.