Like a well-used teabag, we have been saturated with an array of disappointing headlines; countless episodes of blame, shame and judgment punctuated by intervals of glaring error. While I settle into 2021 on New Year’s Day from the comfort of my living room couch, I affirm my commitment to leaving behind these soiled remnants of a challenging year.  Instead, I am picking up pen and paper to proclaim a fresh start and a clean slate framed by gratitude, love, peace, courage and kindness to accompany me through the year that awaits.  I will not allow the minions of misery and reality TV to pollute my stream of consciousness with nonsense, or clutter my mind with the kind of life “litter” that poses as reality. Life is too real; a lesson we learned in 2020 as we saw it transformed and, at times, come to an end. We don’t need to embellish it with drama or relish the retelling of remembered traumas as if they are proper food for thought.  There is enough to do and accomplish without simmering a pot of these kinds of distractions.

I am acknowledging that there are loved ones to cherish; pets to care for; children to nurture and teach; small businesses, jobs, communities, equity, health, safety and security to restore; a planet to renew and grow upon the bedrock of mindful stewardship; global peace and equality to pursue.  I have no time for the feeble notions that divide us because our New Year demands readiness for challenge and the courage to unite for victory. I will not miss the harbingers of doubt and “double down” debates that lead to blame and not solutions.

In 2021, I will meet each day with gratitude and as much love and peace as it requires because I know how precious every day of life is whether it brings sorrow or serenity. My motto for 2021 is “Getting it done,” so when the clock strikes twelve at the end of the year, I will know that I brought my “A” game. Life demands nothing less.