The world is like a casino, where every second is unpredictable, every second can make you things lose or gain.But if you are the master of the game, you can turn the tables on your side anytime.

Meet Vaibhav Popli ,the 19 year old prodigy from Sirsa who built his digital empire by crossing each labyrinth of problems in an astonishing manner.The knowledge of the young champ is incomparable and yes,his knowledge is the strong foundation of his large empire.

Since his early childhood, Vaibhav was always ahead of his time,when kids of his age were totaling with some school curriculum, Vaibhav was at a supersonic speed,learning new tech things every second.From programming new apps to learning account management, he gave a killer performance in each field.

A true support of family and friends and strong fire of desires in your eyes possess enough power to transform the entire world.Not only he is an ambitious person but also a social one who is strongly committed to his parents and is ever motivated to make them proud by his work.

He never treated digital marketing like a work but always as a hobby,as his passion and that�s why money was never a deep concern for him,but in the inner satisfaction while pursuing his passion. With his tremendous management skills,he has managed social media profiles of many known faces over the globe.He has become a buzz centre of handling social media platforms, single handedly. He proved all those people wrong who always had a stereotype of social media as a time ruining platform and changed this by transforming it into a money printing machine.

The way in which music industry is taking toll over the globe,a proper management and large network of people would be required to do things efficiently. And Vaibhav is all set and is soon collaborating with some big names of the industry.

Need some help with your work? Contact Vaibhav Popli on Instagram- @vaibhupopli, or you can simply look him up on Google or LinkedIn, whichever you find convenient.