I just cannot get you out of my head. 

Those harsh, damp nights spent without my own bed. 

The smoke, the air, the frozen dread, the anniversary still fresh with all its bloodshed.

You made me believe in a world without hate. 

One in which we all pray for and hope to relate.

I believed deep in my heart that we’d be the ones, to carry the love, shining down from above. 

But I ache in my bones for your so sweet embrace, as I hide from insanity we all now have to face…

By constantly dreaming of you and that space, stuck so deep in a time that no one’s ready to face. 

So please send me the strength and the courage to respond, in a way that brings hope back to our tiny pond…

For without you I don’t know how much more we can take, or how this world won’t just completely crumble and break.