Tell us about your journey as Bryant Goodlife and how did you get started? 

Many people don’t know this but I used to be shy and I started backing the world alone without knowing anyone. I would constantly change terrain and environment that my brain started to build new neuro-pathways than the vast majority of people. Eventually, my brain got forced to think differently that now I look at perspectives from the world from a broad point of view. I eventually became comfortable being in any new environment that I adapt to it at a quick pace imaginable. I became one of the most interesting human beings in the world through my travels.

What is your company and what work do you do?

I currently am a creative consultant who advises well-known public figures and entrepreneurs. I solve 7-9 figure problems for them. I have made a lot of connections with influential people. My social networking skills allow me to connect with other entrepreneurs.

Did you face hurdles, setbacks, challenges so far in your journey?

I used to be very shy and hated talking to strangers. But now, I am so comfortable with my surroundings and the people around me. Also, I got a lot of doubt from family and friends when I started my journey that it got me to question myself constantly. Most of the time, I go through fire and get burnt but always come out alive. It keeps pushing me forward into the next level of things. 

What motivates you to be the best in your industry?

I am very good with people. I have developed strong communication skills, and I’m able to clearly convey points to different audiences. I’m also a good listener which aids in my ability to understand a situation and prepare an appropriate response. I also am very ethical and I believe in win-win situations. My inspirations are my friends Dan Vas, Stephen Esposito, Andrew James. These guys are at such a high level in their careers and I’m trying to catch up. They started with nothing and built empires and became leaders at such a young age. Bryant Goodlife is a collective of all the inspirational people I met around the world. They, in one way or another, have influenced what Bryant Goodlife is today. 

What are your future plans, or where do you see yourself and your career in the near future?

I believe in the future I will become an even larger what I am now. I will continue surrounding myself with some of the most influential creative and entrepreneurial people in the world. I also want to release another book detailing the current life Bryant Goodlife. I might want to climb Everest or something physical of the sort and document it. I will probably own a camel or two just because I have always wanted to own. I also want to integrate more public speaking in my life since my voice such a great tool. 

What are your dreams and aspirations?

I dream to become the best version of myself and make my father proud. He is a big inspiration in my life. I am inspired to become a better version of myself and evolve as a person. My biggest hero is Bryant, 5 years from now. I would love to get into non-profit organizations and use my influence to raise money. I aspire to just make a positive influence in the world.

To know more, check out his Instagram @bryantgoodlife and website.