We are so happy to welcome Lord Abbett as a prominent sponsor for our first virtual Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day event! An independent, privately held firm, Lord Abbett & Co. LLC is one of the oldest money management firms in the United States.

A longtime supporter, their fantastic team fully embraces our commitment to create an event that builds on the imagination of what is possible in the workplace, contribute to the future of a diverse and inclusive workplace, and create access to a variety of careers for all children.

Lord Abbett has celebrated this national day for several years through the efforts of an employee committee whose members organize a fun and educational day for Lord Abbett families. This is the first year that they are officially involved as a sponsor and participant.

“We are really excited for kids and for our firm,” says Catherine Tantillo, Head of Community Relations, Corporate Services. “The past year has been challenging for all of us and having an event that unites us and gives us something to look forward is so important. We are proud to have Lord Abbett participate in the day’s sessions.”

“One of our firm principles is to ‘Dream Big. Work Hard. Have Fun!’ Given the importance of gender and racial equality, this principle is more important than ever for girls and boys to have opportunities to be inspired about their future.”

We had the pleasure of connecting with Catherine, who shared what inspired Lord Abbett to support our foundation and become involved:

What inspired you to become involved with Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Foundation?

I have been following the organization for several years, and I continue to be inspired by its mission. As Head of Community Relations, I continually seek out organizations that align with our firm’s mission: securing a sustainable future for our clients, people, and our world. The Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Foundation certainly aligns with our efforts, and we are proud to be a sponsor this year.

In what way does your sponsorship make a difference to your organization and its people?

The four pillars of our Community Relations efforts are education, people, health & wellness, and environment. We are always looking to partner with organizations that are making an impact, especially in the lives of children. One of our firm principles is to “Dream Big. Work Hard. Have Fun!” Our sponsorship is meaningful to our organization and our people, because it can open a child’s eyes to new experiences, teach them about career opportunities, and inspire them to dream big.

What key life skills and characteristics do you think are most important for children to develop to support their future success?

I believe the key life skills and characteristics for children to learn include self-confidence, focus, and discipline, teamwork, adaptability, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Most important, they should understand the need to take some risk, to be resilient, and to never give up on a dream or on themselves!

Why has Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day remained so relevant, especially in today’s environment after 28 years?

This event is especially relevant in today’s environment, because while inequities remain in society and the workplace, future engagement and participation can make a positive impact. The concept of providing children with a glimpse into what their parents –and other adults–do on a daily basis is powerful and life-changing.

How would you recommend others can get involved?

I encourage all organizations to support TODASTW Foundation because it is so important to make an investment in the future generations. I have had an exceptional experience partnering with Carolyn McKecuen and Elisabeth Cappuyns and plan on sharing my experience with others. I’ve been so impressed by their passion, dedication, and commitment, as well as their willingness to listen to my questions and engage in conversation.

If you have interest in donating, volunteering, or becoming a sponsor, please contact Carolyn McKecuen, Executive Director at [email protected], or call at 800-676-7780. And, don’t forget to register for Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day on April 22, 2021daughtersandsonstowork.org.