All My life I’ve had people, mostly men, trying to make me into something I’m not, this slowly destroyed my self confidence but also gave me fears in so many ways… fears of flying, falling, succeeding, failing, heights, being not good enough, water, foods, commitment and these are just a few… I haven’t changed! I’ve always been this person, thanks to my beautiful partner I’ve now become more of who I already was… I’m flying, sometimes falling, I can climb without fearing heights, I know I’m good enough, I can have water on my face now, I don’t fear spices and I crave for commitment… being in the right relationship, no matter how hard or challenging it may seem, is a big part of me being me, I’m allowed to do as I please… I’m no longer being treated like a mushroom, kept in the dark and fed on BS… if I want to fly, I’m off! Soaring at the greatest heights. This man I’m going to wed one day is going to be the one who has taught me how not to fear commitment, is the one I crave to be with, all the time, who I’m willing to give myself to completely… he has this weird and wonderful way about him that no matter what he says or does… I love him… not just because he doesn’t raise a hand to me, not just because he’s everything I’ve ever aspired to be, but also because he is him! He doesn’t pretend to be something he’s not, he says it as it is, he doesn’t care who he offends by telling them the truth… he’s a man after my own heart… he’s not my world though, I’ve learnt from the past… but he’s in my beautiful world and makes it all the more beautiful just by being there… change can be a wonderful thing, butterflies do it to become something they’re destined to be… I believe with my whole heart, I haven’t changed, I’ve just started to become who I’m meant to be… thank you my beautiful partner in crime, my other half, thank you for making me complete! Thank you for winking at me and then wanting to bring me into your life, even for the beautiful mess I was, to the even more beautiful mess I’m becoming… thank you Dave… I love you xxx

Having somewhere to blog at any time of day or night is giving me the confidence I so needed to start looking at publishing my book again… one day it will become a reality, having the freedom to do as I please is something very alien like to me… it scares me, not because I’m afraid of what I can’t do anymore, but now I’m a little afraid of what I can do… I can achieve anything I put my mind to… you may think this site is all about the Meditations and Holistic Self Development I teach, and it is! But a huge part of Self Development is discovering your self and what you/I am so capable of doing and being… the name of my Gift line, Mesbelleamis, A Unique Way of Giving… pretty much sums up the whole meaning of my life… Zen Zion, The Garden of Peace & Wellness, who wouldn’t want to have somewhere, on their own property, they could go and just be… my poetry, as I said, I aspire to be a great writer some day… this site has been built as my one big dream board… you can find out more about this under the tab ‘Bits ‘n’ Pieces on this site…

You can say, be and do anything you put your mind to… I can say and do and be anything I aspire to… the great part about Meditation is being able to find a place in your life where you can be happy, centered, in a place where you can just be!

I’m an interesting person to say the least, we all are! But if you’d like to take the time to get to know me… well! All I’m going to say is welcome… I hope you enjoy your stay and thank you for following my life… make your life what you want it to be, aspire to be the best version of you possible, don’t be afraid to fail… and when life gives you lemons, set up a road side stall and sell those babies… it’s all about what we do with what we’ve got… that makes us who we are… blog off! 


  • AlairrialA

    Meditation Teacher, Holistic Counsellor, Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Guidance Advocate.

    Who I am... Hi my name is Rebecca Jane Henley. Also known as Bec. My pen name is that of the same name as my Guardian Angel Alair... with Alair in reverse... that then being AlairrialA... I was born 27/05/1968. In 2018... I am now 50 yrs young, a mother of 6, my daughter Crystal 33, my son Jamie 31, my daughter Samantha 27, my daughter Katie 25, my son Brett, who was born and passed at birth, has spent the last 22 years in heaven and my youngest son Dylan 21. I am also a step mum to 1 lovely young man, Anthony 11. I’m a mother in law to one young lady, Nanna of many Grandies, I’m sure they’re not finished yet, and Great Nanna, to 2 beautiful little children, and I'm sure there will be many more too. I live in Northam Perth, Western Australia. I was Born in Adelaide, South Australia.