Anne Biging, Founder Healing Hotels of the World

I remember when I heard a young speaker at a panel at the SDG/ United Nations last September. The topic of the panel was about the huge advantages of the new block chain technology. The speaker was asked if this could really be the quantum leap everyone is talking about now. His answer was as simple as it was profound: “Only when we open our hearts and reach into the truth of our human soul, can a quantum leap happen, and can the financial universe truly change and “make space at the table for everyone.”

When the young man spoke about opening the heart, he was actually referring to meditation. He shared how the power of his daily practice changed his life and his entire outlook on what he is doing with his time. 

Let’s look into the scientific evidence of this. 

What does it mean to “take a quantum leap?” Renowned professor of neuroscience, Marjorie Woollacott, PhD provides a response:

“According to the dictionary, a quantum leap is an abrupt change, a sudden increase, or a dramatic advance, and this phenomenon offers us a profound metaphor to guide us in the coming year. The term “quantum leap” comes from the realm of quantum physics and refers tothe explosive jump that particles like electrons make when moving from one quantum state to another. We can imagine the quantum leap of electrons in this way: the electrons are sitting in their ground state within the atom. Then we add a little light to them, and the energy from the light ignites an instantaneous explosive jump of the electrons to a higher energy outer shell of the atom. It is as if the light multiplies the energy of the electrons so that they leap to a new level.

In the same way, groups of thoughtful, deeply committed humans can initiate “quantum leaps” by the innovative and effective new ways they run governments, businesses, schools, churches, hospitals, and other public institutions. They initiate profound changes that reshape the welfare and progress of humanity.”

We are at a most crucial and fascinating time in history. A time when individuals can choose to take a quantum leap and agree to a declaration of interdependence. Are you ready to jump?

Anne Biging is founder of the annual global HEALING SUMMIT, taking place this year on May 6 and 7 in Portugal, where speakers and participants will aim to unfold the depths and nuances of the meaning of this metaphor of the quantum leap, applying it to the healing of humanity, and the planet.  

Like the quantum physicist, the HEALING SUMMIT will initiate this quantum leap by bringing new light and energy to profound new ways of healing our society and the world we live in.