person with positive self reflection

What causes lack in Self worth ?

You might have came across with some people who are always self motivated. Not a time comes that they feel negative about themselves.

The reason is simple, they are aware of themselves as who they want to be. Yes! this awareness is the reason for their self esteem.

If you are lacking in this awareness then you will fell pray to negative self reflection. The real question now you should ask is that how do i get awareness of how i want to become.

Increasing the awareness.

These are very lesser known concepts like “awareness “but once you master them you can feel a world of change in you.

Just follow this,

Everyday your mind is exposed to thousands of thoughts and desires be them generated from within you or from any other source.

Now the problem with this arises when your innerself recognizes itself with these thoughts.Means you give focus on thoughts and desires which you really doesn’t need to.

Most of the people on this planet follows blindly what their mind tells them to. Mind likes to seek pleasures and comfort. The more you allow it to do so the more ignorant you become from your inner self. The more you strengthen the mind in negative sense.

An aware individual is that who can separate himself/herself from these thoughts and desires at will. Yes ! its possible. Mainstream educators say that thoughts cannot be controlled .

It is infact true for ignorants.

If you became aware of your inner self, a significant authority over mind is developed which is enough to protect you from bad thoughts and desires.

How controlling mind can improve my self reflection ?

Mind likes to be in comfort and do procrastination of things by its default programming. Not having a good self reflection means you are engaged more in these type of activities. (mostly seeking pleasures and entertainment with refusing to quit comfort)

When you start doing things against the default programming of mind, you will change its programming and after that you will be doing things which improves your self image like (hard work, quitting comfort, workout or who knows what talent is hidden in you).

Bonus tip.

Your dressing says a lot about your self image.

If you want people to see yourself as a individual with high self esteem and self worth than the first thing which anyone notices is your dressing.

If you are female than must include jewelry in your dresses. See jewelry is a reflection of who you are and how you want to be perceived as.

If you don’t know how to wear jewelry, how much is enough or how to compliment it with your dress then this article explains it easily and perfectly.