You also see everywhere that to become a productive person from a hardcore procrastinator takes a lot of work and a long time. But what if you see procrastinating differently and things will get easier.

I’ve been a procrastinator my entire life and I’m an expert at wasting time and freaking out and feeling miserable that I’ve wasted years of my life doing nothing. Sometimes I was thinking where would my business be today if I was one of these productive people you see online? Maybe I would have a business empire by now, but I’m not that productive and focused.

Does this mean I will never have a business because I’m procrastinating? NO! I will HAVE a business in my own way. At the end of the day we all want a business or to work from home to be our own boss, so why you punish yourself and transform yourself into a slave, working nonstop? This is not being productive, it’s being burned out. You get the same thing working for someone else.

What if you procrastinate because you don’t have a clear vision of WHY you want to achieve that goal. What if procrastination is your body’s way to do inner search to find the answer to why you want to do that, so you will get the vision and the motivation to do it and achieve that goal and be happy in your journey to achieving your goal.

I procrastinated the entire day today and at 9 PM this post was born. And I will catch up my work tomorrow and find a way to do what I had to do today and tomorrow. I will figure something out. It’s not the end of the world.

Stop acting like you did something terrible because you procrastinated today. Find the answer to why you want to achieve that goal and start doing it. It’s ok to have procrastinating days. The world is not ending because you didn’t checked your long to do list. Thinking so much that you procrastinated today instead of doing something add so much stress to your body and mind.

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