Anna Goryacheva is an award-winning Russian-American pianist, educator, entrepreneur, and founder of Elite Piano Institute. She has been internationally recognized for her captivating performances of deep musical expression, brilliant “Perle” technique, and her ability to emotionally connect with the audience.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background

My name is Anna Goryacheva. I’m a  pianist, recording artist, coach, and music educator. I began my professional music studies at the age of seven at the Special Music School for gifted children in Kaliningrad – my beautiful hometown on Baltic Sea, right in the heart of Europe.  At the age of nine, I  made my orchestra debut abroad, in the concert tour in Hungary and later appeared as a soloist with orchestras throughout Europe. Constant performing, competing, meeting famous people from the classical music world, all of that was very inspiring, and convinced me to entirely dedicate my life to a musical career. My journey continued in Moscow where I received my Bachelor’s degree from the Russian Gnessin Academy of Music, one of the world’s top music schools.

What moved you to leave your country behind and start from scratch in America?

By all measures, I was doing well in Russia; but I felt there were other areas I could expand upon. I have always wanted to live out my life in creative ways through the arts. Faced with a choice of staying in a comfort zone or leaving to start over, I took the latter knowing that remaining where I was would relegate my life to having a stable job at the music college in Moscow, which was already a big accomplishment, however, I have always strived for more. I knew in order to fully realize my potential and become the best version of myself I need to take a risk and begin my professional journey from scratch.

In order to pursue my passion for music, I moved to America, earned two degrees from University of Southern California and started my own business in the U.S: Elite Piano Institute.

What inspired you to create the Elite Piano Institute and what makes it stand out?

The experience I gained working at California USC and UCLA made me ready to establish my own distinctive brand,Elite Piano Institute.

When it comes to what sets Elite Piano Institute apart from other music schools in Los Angeles, it isn’t just about offering world-class lessons. It is also an educational project known for coaching music educators and training pianists of all levels in America and abroad.

I have ensured that my know-how, expertise, and musical talents are also transferred to the Elite Piano Institute. The institute is already well known for its projects and competitions around the globe. Similarly, talented pianists from all over the world take part in our musical projects, making it unique in many ways. We offer a closely aligned calendar of interactive events, competitions, festivals, and masterclasses, including the Glissando Piano Festival and Competition (San Diego, CA), Russian Souvenir International Youth Piano Competition (Los Angeles, CA) amongst others.

You mentioned you created a coaching program for music educators? Tell us a bit about this.?

My knowledge and experience in the music industry has enabled me to create a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind program for piano instructors. It is focusing on adapting and growing in this digital era, improving online visibility, building pedagogical skills, teaching unique methods of Russian Piano schools, addressing pitfalls and realities of the industry that many teachers are not aware of. Nowadays the Classical Piano World is highly competitive, and through my coaching program, I help music educators to achieve professional growth and success.

Have you got anything exciting in store for the future?

Collaborating with major international competitions and music festivals, I and my team offer exceptional opportunities for young pianists to be recognized. We’re united with the Faculty, which is vastly certified and highly competent. So, it’s our aim to push our students higher. Students will be prepared for the best opportunities in any American school at any level.

What advice would you recommend for young pianists and piano teachers?

Pursuing your dream comes with a lot of trials, but you have to be ready for them. Every challenge provides learning opportunities and unique experiences which eventually can help break boundaries in any field you choose. Don’t be afraid of your dreams, set big goals, work hard and move forward no matter what as a fear of failure is a great excuse to stay in a comfort zone. I can assure you that once you overcome any challenges, you will not only achieve a breakthrough in the field of your choice but also make a significant impact in the lives of others.