About 20 years ago, life had taken me to a very dark, sad place. I was drowning in depression while trying to raise a child and put on the brave face of someone who was in control. My marriage wasn’t working and I had one child and was pregnant with the second. I was always an introvert, so it was easy to hide behind my smile. Yet from inside I felt like my whole inner self was melting away-my sanity, intelligence and even my persona. My body language screamed of someone who was falling apart yet no one seemed to notice. Suicide had been on my mind and I decided that I needed help.

Faith had always been an important part of my being. I went to a big religious scholar and told him what was going on and that I just needed to know if I was insane or the world around me was crazy.I talked about my marriage and how I felt isolated and sad. He begins by telling me that he couldn’t speak to me without the presence of my then husband and as I could be “falsely accusing” a good husband. I tried to explain that I wasn’t accusing anyone I was just stating facts, but he continued to shun me and I ran out of his office sobbing.

I then decided to go see a therapist who told me that my “culture” encouraged me to be depressed and that needed to break away from my culture. That didn’t make sense to me either, yes my culture had many flaws but it also made me who I was.

I then looked for a good book, took some writing classes, talked to people close to me and eventually I worked through my issues. At the age of 26 when I felt lost with no direction or map – I felt like there were hardly any resources out there for me. I was a married, young, educated mother who felt unloved and alone. The internet wasn’t at our fingertips then and I didn’t know where to go or who to talk to. So I decided then that if I ever became strong enough and had the time I would put together something that would be all about good positive things. A place where I can make people smile even if it is for a minute or a place where they know they can feel safe expressing their feelings without being judged.

And I did it!

I just launched my new website called “Detox the Soul”. Its a place where people can come to when they are feeling down. I would for you to support me by tweeting about my website or even writing an article for it.
Together we can make this world a happier place, I truly believe this!


  • Tami Shaikh

    MFA Creative Writing and MA in Educational Leadership

    Mom, storyteller, author, writing mentor and a student of life, who has contributed to the Huffington Post, Mind & Body Network and many other sites. www.tamishaikh.com www.detoxthesoul.com