When I first began to explore the idea of feminine principles in regards to success and entrepreneurship, I was met with two perceptions: be feminine and broke or be masculine and wealthy. It seemed like my surrounding reality was either you were a stay-at-home mom making zero income or you were buttoned into a pantsuit, bossing people around, and acting like “the man” in an attempt to get your needs met.  There was a total lack of understanding that femininity wasn’t weak and neither were women.  Women just hadn’t been allowed (or shown how) to thrive in the ways they were designed.

Regardless of gender, all people have these two energies residing within them – the masculine and the feminine. Fundamentally, the masculine is about giving and the feminine is about receiving. Masculine energy is full of spreadsheets, high-performance, protection, systems, and structures. Best personified as Ed or Edith from Accounting who drives a navy Volvo. Feminine energy, on the other hand, is what connects you to your dreams, creativity, and intuition. Best personified as your crazy Aunt Ginger who’s always jetting off on an exotic trip returning with rare jewels. Each energy is designed to enhance and support the contribution of the other. Take for example a glass of water.  The glass represents the masculine, a concrete structure supporting the flowing, feminine water.  Together they fulfill the purpose of nourishing the drinker, which wouldn’t be accomplished without one or the other. 

Through Universal design, empowered masculinity is purposed to be in service to the divine feminine. A woman who possesses this flawless energetic blend within her is what I call a Queen. So how can you become the Queen in your own life to create unlimited success in your life and business?

The THREE TIPS shared below are the essentials to embodying both energies and declaring your fabulous power.

1- Inspired action over massive action 

Women hold this belief that in order to be successful within their careers they have to constantly be pushing and grinding.  While it’s true that there is work that needs to be done and done well, it’s not accomplished through blowing out our adrenals. When we choke down our femininity in this way, complying to surrounding demands and defying our truest desires so we can “reach success faster,” it results in the Injured Feminine Instinct. True alliance between these energies can only happen through embracing passion, positivity, and play. Not from taking on more work, demanding more from ourselves, and disconnecting from our desires. 

2- Becoming fearlessly visible 

One thing I noticed that stood out most was that in a room full of people, women are more likely than men to fear being visible. Even if women have the most brilliant thoughts or questions, they allow self-doubt to hold those thoughts captive for fear of being judged or criticized for what they have to say. Men, on the other hand, don’t think twice about it. They express their thoughts with no hesitation. So how can we, as women, get out of this “Little Miss Perfect” mindset and eliminate the pattern? 

Well, the good news? If you’re fearing what people might say or think about you, they’ve probably already said or thought it, so there’s nothing to fear anymore, darling!  Now, go get yourself seen and heard within your business! 

Strengthening commitment to what you want is key. The more confidence you can establish within yourself, and in your desires, the less you will seek validation from outside sources.  Over time, this builds consistent trust between you and your intuition.

3- Empowering practices that enhance femininity

To gain the strength and confidence to unleash the Queen in you, it’s important to develop practices that further solidify your feminine principles.  Practices that I engage in daily (and highly recommend) are journaling, meditation, connection to the Divine, and movement. The amount of time you dedicate to each practice is entirely up to you.  Sometimes this depends on the day. I aim to do five minutes of each, first thing in the morning, to feel centered and aligned. However, if there’s a day that I feel like I need to spend more time journaling, I will invest my energy there.  It’s all about listening to yourself and what is best for you in those moments.

Now that we’ve said “good-bye” to Little Miss Perfect, learned how to honor our feminine and masculine energies, and have practices in place to balance them, you are ready to receive success by embracing your Queenhood! While these tips can be implemented immediately, give yourself the grace of understanding that success won’t appear overnight.  Finding a masterful blend of these energies takes time and patience as you assess what does and doesn’t work for you. Give yourself permission to make mistakes as you figure it out, because sometimes from our biggest perceivable mistakes come our greatest successes, too.