There is something magical, soothing, and aesthetically pleasing to the human Soul, when a reunion occurs. I don’t mean just any kind of reunion, where you speak with someone not having seen in a long time. When it comes to music, a particular happiness arises when a reunion occurs in the world of musicianship. Just meditate upon one reality, in Earth’s spacing, when you and another human being engaged in the magic, called-music! You came from a different part of the world. You were different colors. Culturally, age-wise, you were different. And yet, it was music that brought you together. Music was, and still is, your particular foundation in a journey with this person.

When a student is paired with a certain teacher, there is a reason for it. Whether it is spiritually or Universally ordained, this partnership had been orchestrated. That semester, Spring 2013, when I studied piano with Elena Dzamashvili, I entered into a level of piano studies and literacy, I had never been exposed to before. Something about her style, her guidance, her way of teaching was on a different realm. It was another level of musical greatness; a sphere matching previous musical studies in Atlanta, Georgia, during my time in undergrad, middle school, and elementary years. Yet, being in Egypt seemed to amplify the experience. These ancient acoustics and sculptures, which mirrored this Universal experience- lead me to this greater realm, where music is treasured and performed. There is something about being in Cairo, in Egypt as a whole, where a musician is drawn closer to the very meaning of musical Divinity.

I remember our lessons, and the level of calm, quiet, stillness, and comfort, which came from her demeanor. Her way of working with me was one of tenderness. I presume this was her way with all her students. Through her style and method of teaching, a softness blanketed the most difficult of compositions, she had given to me. I felt comforted in her musical teachings, approach, and methodologies. In fact, my weekly lessons were more than an hour of study. They become entrances, in moving and exploring the sacredness of musical genius in Heaven’s artistry. She was my mentor, professor, and counselor; guiding me through music’s Universal majesty.

(Photograph By Gabriel Neko; Edits By Lauren Clark)

When you have had such memories, and special experiences, with a teacher, you are always attached to them. It doesn’t matter if you go through a period of separation with their presence. Their teachings, energies, and lessons, continue to guide you along the way. The seeds they have implanted into your Being, continue to flourish and grow. That is the beauty, wonder, and greatness of musicianship. So, when you have that reunion, there is a level of appreciation, joy, and abundance, flourishing within your very psyche, and wellness.

The most auspicious attributes of re-uniting with a former professor are the memories, bonding the two of you. Recognizing that relationship between student and teacher is intrinsic in the very artistry of reuniting. That re-connection becomes natural, pleasant and smooth. The interesting fact surrounding this, is how you feel the sacredness of that educational relationship. Its a holistic, and therapeutic ritual, when teacher blesses her students with the very audacity of knowledge. Its phenomenal! Its one of the very epitome’s of love’s Divinity!

(Photograph By Gabriel Neko; Edits By Lauren Clark)

On January 8, 2017, at the “International Reverberations” concert my personal reunion between teacher and student had occurred. It was a reunion, and a brief entry way into her cultural garden; her blessed nation of Georgia. Isn’t that something? Here I am a young Black American woman, from the state of Georgia, interacting with my fellow professor from the country of Georgia. Nevertheless, it was a real treat to observe her in performance with Dr. Anne-Marie Condasce! The musical performance, and energy between them was colorful, and another example in Universal balance and ecstasy. Their musicianship complemented them in a way, where they performed the richness of Universal harmony. Dr. Anne-Marie Condasce and Elena Dzmashvili were musical complements of each other. Their specific performances were powerful examples in being intertwined with another artist. Knowing we are not alone in the world of music, and how we are always supported when performing in music’s haven. There is a way in being able to merge with the talents of other musicians and vocalists. People become aware of the vast riches of music. Through music, fantasy and reality are one. There is a particular vibe and atmosphere when moving through music’s delight, while connecting with other’s gifted and blessed, by music’s grace!

It had been quite some time. Yet, it was “International Reverberations,” which allowed us to be connected, once more. There are times when it is clear for why people have entered into your life. Prior to that moment, you may have been distant from them. You may have reminisced upon those sacred moments, when they guided you in knowledge’s gardens. However, on that day, you were given that opportunity to be with them, once more. Perhaps, you didn’t know it would be the last time you would see each other. Nevertheless, it was a sacred time. It was such a magical time. And, you continue to treasure this memory within these current times.

Elena Dzamashvili’s performance in accompanying Dr. Anne-Marie Condacse was a contribution in her coloring of the event. Reverberations of the night were truly international! Composers of different lands and cultures, including Egypt, were represented on that night. How the night sky was able to move forward in connecting these different cultures, together, in one time frame, is one of the sacred elements of Egyptian lands. The concert was one phase. The aftermath was another. In fact, it was the aftermath, which allowed vibrational elements from the concert to flourish. Those after moments gave silent articulations, and reassurances, on why attendees had come to the concert.

Professor Elena has seen me, and I had seen her. Smiles were exchanged, and moments were captured. The musical magic clearly reigned throughout the spacing. Another story was starting to unfold. From one Georgia to another, the maidens of Georgia had attended the concert. In support of their Mother image, they gathered for celebration of their feminine representation. Going into fiction’s realm, we can imagine these maidens leaving their own cultural gardens, in traveling to another. They were beautiful and kind. Pleasantries of their existence ensured that a nutritious conversation would take place, between them and I.

(Photograph By Gabriel Neko; Edits By Lauren Clark)

While others continued to gather around the featured performers of the night, I took the time to converse with these fascinating women. A Georgia peach with Georgian maidens. It was phenomenal in every sense of the word. Lots of beauty and fascination, as we introduced ourselves; moving to exchange numbers in the process. We wanted to know about each other. Our tastes, passions, interests, and cultural backgrounds, were natural connections women should have with each other; regardless of where we are from. Its an initial introduction into what is different; and it all begins with a conversation. Our differences encouraged us to explore each others worlds. We were still proud of our respective cultures. Yet, meeting each other didn’t create barriers or limitations among us. That was one of the most intrinsic auras of the night.

Another highlight of the night was observing Elena Dzamashvili among traces of her own cultures. Let’s never forget that a Mother must always have her garden of maidens. From wherever a woman is in the world, the maidens of that culture, exist. Where there are maidens, there must be the presence of Mother. Maidens are the support for Mother. They are reflections of those youthful elements associated with the young women, responsible for continuing, and cultivating, their culture or nation. Maidens move in a way, which keeps garden’s vibrations active and fruitful. Every culture’s maidens has their unique way in making that happen. So when these Georgia maidens surrounded Professor Elena Dzamashvili, I received a glimpse into how she was being nourished by the feminine energy of her nation-even if that was for a small time. Each of these women reflected, and reminded Elena Dzamashvili of her own youthfulness and charm. Reminders of her own maidenal times, and when we did the work of cultivating Georgian gardens; prior to her arrival and residency in Egypt.

What is so fascinating, surrounding the presence of Georgia’s women at the “International Reverberations” concert, is how they gave subtle blessings to Elena Dzamashvili. Yes! You receive praise and adoration should your musicianship travel to other lands. Performing blessings and doing your part to channel vibrancy within that place. Simultaneously, there is simply a refreshing feeling in experiencing members of your own culture, who are part of the audience. Giving you the necessary support and being rewarded as a true cultural ambassador for your nation. If there was anything sacred about this concert, and the presence of these Georgia women, it was that they brought an entrance of love and honor for their Mother figure. Professor Elena Dzamashvili is a Georgian mother, who used her music’s awakening as comfort and healing for Egypt. Let’s keep in mind that Mother is not solely relegated to have given birth to children. Mother is the caretaker of life. That entails different responsibilities, in the safekeeping and guardianship of life. Simultaneously, it includes spreading, and re-cycling, spiritual nutrients to those in need. Elena Dzamashvili did exactly that!

Looking back upon that memory, I become aware to another celebration, at play. Though Elena Dzamashvili was not the featured performer night, she was being celebrated. Again, the presence of her own Georgian maidens, made that very evident! As her former student, these women, showed me a different side to Professor Dzamashvili. I became more curious to explore this nation of Georgia-its culture, language, landscapes, music, and women. Music has that power. It has that mystique in enriching such international connections.

I did not know it would be my last time in seeing her. In fact, I had hoped for future studies with her. Yet, every great legend has their time. When that time comes, it doesn’t mean they are truly gone. In an article about the late pianist and professor, on Al Ahram Online, a profound statement is articulated by Elena Dzamashvili.–Culture/Music/-Elena-Dzamashvili-If-I%E2%80%99m-born-ten-times,-each-tim.aspx It is powerful, and a great reminder that artistry continues. A person’s legacy and essence, continues. That’s one of the gifts of Heaven’s artistic realms.

“If I’m born ten times, each time I’ll be a pianist.”

Elena DzamashviliPianist, Professor, Musical Healer, Legend

I guess some legends just know their spiritual journey on Earth’s paradise. Continue to perform in Heaven’s gardens Professor Dzamashvili, and play the music, left for us by a Georgian Mother’s, GRACE!

(Photograph By Gabriel Neko; Edits By Lauren Clark); Edits By Lauren Clark