This week I witnessed sprouts of greatness in an unlikely place. 

My daughter is obsessed with volleyball. She lives it. Breathes it. LOVES it. 

Nine months ago she tried out for clubs—elite volleyball prep—and came up short. She was disappointed.

Failure ignited something. That spark led her to a grand goal. (So grand, I think she would kill me if I shared it.) 

She asked me what I thought, so I told her…

You can do anything you want. You only have to think it through and take action consistently. 

Break it down into milestones.
Break those down into steps. 

Take action on the steps that end in the milestones. 

Hit on the milestones, and you can reach your goal. 

Her first major milestone was to make the varsity team as a freshman. To do that, she listed needed skills and went to work. 

She spent time with a coach…who taught her the right form. 

She mastered her overhand serve…then her jump serve, her setting, her digs.

She worked and worked and worked…every day, rain or shine.

She added a mark to a paper each day she worked and tacked it to her bedroom wall, right above her clock (to see it every morning). 

Yesterday she made varsity as a freshman.

The adage is true. You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to. 

Get to it.

A version of this article originally appeared on LinkedIn.


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