Hello Beautiful Soul!It has been a long time since I have written a full blog entry. This entry is inspired by current events and new planetary energies. Enjoy!

Excerpt from the New Entry: Fragment of Love

The spiritual journey, life itself is the path to understand this God Source. What is the Source? Where does Source reside? What is God? Who is God? How can I believe in something that is unseen, only felt? These are only a few questions that I asked myself on the Life Journey.  Upon reflection, Love has always been there underneath it all. All the fear, hatred,  anger, death, loss, confusion,  pain, resentment,  uncertainty,  trauma, abuse, suffering,  hope bitterness,  tears, underneath it all, at the root of it, was love, unexpressed love. Love is consciousness, Love is aware of the energy given and received. When Love is expressed, more love comes, and when it is withheld or suppressed, it lessens our connection to this infinite/eternal Energy.

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A Fragment of Love