This is my husband. A man I adore and admire is teaching our daughter to use the new sewing machine he just bought her from Amazon. She wants to make masks and give them to people who need them. I’ve been at home with these two people and our dog for over a month. Sometimes they make me crazy as we try to work, rest, play and take care of each other. Sometimes I just want to see someone else – my mom, my best friend, a client, anyone at all but them.
But at moments like this, I cannot ignore the beauty of my family. I’m married to a brilliant man who was in the Air Force, can build anything, can fix anything, does the dishes and lets me have all the time in the limelight that I desire. I recognize that I desire a lot of it. I have a daughter who is a better writer than I am with an empathetic heart and an even stronger will to give back than I have. After a complete month with only these two humans, I have never been more grateful for them.
If you are an essential worker, thank you for your service. If you are not, thank you for staying at home. And, at the very moment you experience a breaking point and think you just can’t take another moment alone with your family, take a deep breath and look for the hidden beauty in your family members because it is truly a sight to behold!