When I think of destiny,

My thoughts always turn to you.

A connection made years ago

Now buried deep within my soul.

Often I wonder 

Do you feel it too?

Am I the only one 

Who feels that close to you?

We can banter all day long

Crazy laughter back and forth.

When it all settles 

I find myself craving more.

A decade of friendship 

Recorded in the books.

Perhaps it’s what holds us back

From seeing if we could be more.

Afraid of losing 

What we already have…

We hold tightly 

To protect the word “friend.”

What if it were written in the stars

That moment of truth?

What if we were meant to be

Soulmates instead of just friends?

I vowed many years ago

Never again would I tell you so.

My heart would rather hold it all in

Then tell you again and lose a friend.

Now that I am older

And lived to see death at my door.

I know life is too short

To suffer and sacrifice destiny once more.

So, I will say it now

And let the cards fall as they may.

I would rather tell you now

And chance to lose a friend.

Yes, I still care

You are more than “just a friend.” 

When I think of forever

It is with you who I see.

I can’t really think 

Of why we still hold out.

The ring on my finger 

Has finally played out.

To be really honest,

I called it off so many times.

Hoping you would find the courage

To tell me not to lie.

So, here we are…

Fate take it as it might.

I hold you close a friend,

I love you more each passing night.

I now leave it here.

A response I don’t require.

I hope it is received well,

Knowing well it might not be time.

Destiny can only call 

If those who hear it answer

Are we ready to risk it,

Or are we going to continue to flee it?