Inching forward slowly as time passes. The loud screaming horns blasting through the air—for what reason?

We are all smelling the same mixture of dirt, smoke, despair, and pollutants that form the smog layering upon our rectangular windshield view of the world and slowly trickling into our bodies. We all have a destination, so why the angst and anger?

Eventually, we get there…to our meeting or to our desk. Soon after, sparks of cortisol run though our bodies keeping us on edge throwing our bodies into a state of inflammation and compounded stress. The hunger to please those around us and prove ourselves at slowly translates into a rush to get to a workout class and then to a social obligation to accomplish what we define as a ‘well-balanced’ life. Now, all of this allows us to check the boxes on our list, but what we’ve forgotten and what we resist honoring is the need for solitude.

Our minds, bodies, and inner peace require solitude to grow. It provides a valued time for reflection, to pause, to breath, and to be. Let us not forget, we are humans. Therefore, we are unique in that we can narrate our thoughts. It allows us to process the positive and the negative, and to fall into our identity without the influence of the script of expectations handed to us.

The smell of clean air, the view of the top of buildings, sights of faraway islands, emergence of mountain tops, and the sounds of chirping birds—all have returned. Even the return of bioluminescent bacteria emerging to bring life back into the oceans. The world around us is breathing, it has gotten its’ time to be in solitude. To rejuvenate, to grow, to create, and to rebuild its’ ecosystem and biodiversity.

During this time, I have focused on re-aligning with my Drishti, or known as my focus and gaze. I personally don’t want to go back to what was normal. For those of us with the privilege, this is our chance, a rare one, to get rid of the noise, and to only bring back what works for us, what makes our lives richer, what makes our kids happier, what makes us truly proud. Through the appreciation of solitude, we can visualize the new normal that we want. We can put into action a life in which our minds and bodies don’t have to take in the bombardment of news, anxieties, and unwanted emotions. Finding solitude is difficult and processing through emotions is tough. But, here is our time to do just that.

Let us not forget, Mother Earth has been around much longer than us. We are just tenants leasing some land. As we begin to leave our enclosed spaces, I hope we, as a society, as humans, continue to show and express empathy towards Mother Earth—not through Instagram posts, but through our actions. After all, no one wants to be the problematic tenant who angers the landlord.