Every relationship in our life has a certain impact on us. We derive various behaviours, habits and unknowingly adopt them in our lives. But beyond that, an emotional connection is something most relationships fail to attain or maintain (in some cases). 

Psychologist Robert Sternberg proposed the Triangular Theory of Love. That can be applied in an interpersonal relationship. According to this theory types of love are based on three different scales, that is intimacy, commitment, and passion. Another important aspect to note is that a successful relationship usually has more than one of these elements. These elements are not restricted only to romantic relationships, it applies to all relationships.

Emotional openness in relationships can be difficult for many reasons, an alternative to solve the issue–covert behaviours, that portray your investment and commitment is necessary. 

Here are three covert keys to a greater emotional connection in your relationships:

  • Resolve past conflicts: Communication is vital in every relationship. It might be about some misunderstanding that occurred today or two weeks before. Past hurts that have been buried eventually resurface. They might take an ugly shape or form if they are hidden too long, combined with pelt-up anger and heavier emotions. These conflicts might be painful to approach, but releasing and resolving these conflicts will ultimately make you feel lighter. This forgiving nature also often results in a new level of emotional openness and intimacy. A ‘No secrets’ kind of relationship. 
  • Accept differences: Every person is unique and when a safe and open environment is created, people are more likely to thrive and share their thoughts and feelings. The same feeling is also reciprocated making the relationship a secure corner instead of a burden. With patience and acceptance, the small steps in a relationship can lead to a leap of understanding. Being committed to the relationship makes it simple to accept a person along with their quirks.
  • Listen with an open heart and mind: The biggest gift a person can offer to another person is listening–‘attentively’. Every misunderstanding or hurdle people face in a relationship is a learning curve. During an argument, when negative emotions are running high, it becomes important for at least one person to remain calm and be receptive. Reacting strongly in such a scenario might just turn bad into worse. When such situations are handled well and calmly it automatically makes a relationship stronger. 

These are a few tips that could be implemented to make a relationship sturdy, all kinds of them: friend, parent, colleague, or someone else. ‘Actions speak more than words, small gestures and actions of passion and understanding towards another person, shows them that you are invested in the relation.  It is all that it takes for a healthier relationship.