In November, we started a series to facilitate a mindfulness experiment through photographs. Our last article inspired us to embrace imperfection. In part three of our photo-inspired mindfulness experiment, we’ll consider the feeling of BLISS. 

As humans, we often fall into a trap: “we’ll be happy when…” We look forward to our vacations, our promotions, or taking the next step in our careers. Or we’ll be happy when we find “the one.” By focusing on the present moment with a sense of gratitude, we invite joy into our lives immediately without waiting for the next big thing to happen.

Hat tip to Sarah & Isaac, a husband and wife wedding and lifestyle photographer team based outside of Philadelphia, PA, for submitting today’s photo – and to this adorable groom for making us smile.

“This photo is one of our absolute favorites because the expression on his face just makes us swoon every time we look at it,” says Sarah. “You can just feel the adoration he has for his soon-to-be wife in this ‘First Look’ photo. When we think of what love can be, we think of this photo.”

Mindfulness Exercise

Invite bliss into your day by reflecting on things you wished for in the past. You’ll find that you already have so many of the things you’ve hoped for. Allow yourself to feel grateful and happy now.

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