Life is all about making difficult choices. From the way we pick a career to choose what to have for lunch can really, we can never run away from the simple yet sometimes agonizing process that is decision-making.

The reason why it’s agonizing (at least to some people) is the fact that taking too long to decide can eat up a good part of your time and cause you to miss out on more valuable opportunities. Being decisive helps you move forward as you reach your goals. It only needs daily practice and application to be able to make important decisions without stalling:

Put your mind at ease

Overthinking is a normal thought process, especially for those who are meticulous when it comes to planning. However, it would still be a cause of your downfall if it continually occurs during critical moments where making the right decisions has a time limit. In fact, overthinking and indecision work hand-in-hand in keeping you from coming up with a rational solution. Whenever you are stuck at having to choose among different possible options, take a deep breath and give yourself time to recollect your thoughts and meditate. Once you are relaxed, you will find it easier to see which options work the best. 

Focus on the process

Indecision is often caused by a fear of the results of your choices. Setting expectations is an important part of the process, but dwelling too much in the future will only demobilize you and lead you towards expecting the worst. 

The most effective workaround to this is to focus on what’s currently in front of you than what lies beyond. If you have to choose a car, you should base your choice on the features and not on how you will look like driving a certain model. Likewise, when you are confronted by a major problem, you should put more importance on finding a solution to it. Thinking too much about the possible results hardly achieves anything.

Keep your emotions in check

It’s normal to feel emotional when you have to make a critical decision, but objectivity and mindfulness are crucial if you want to get out of a situation where knowing what to do seems difficult. The least you could do is set aside action for emotion during a situation in which objectivity has to play a big part. Don’t panic after a car accident and do anything rash because you are upset about it. Instead, set your mind on how you are going to recover.

Put less emphasis on perfection

Standards and benchmarks are there to help us to make the most of our time and exert the most effort, but constantly striving for perfection can only keep you from being productive. Instead, try to focus on your personal goals and commitments. Setting your own standards and aligning these with your goals helps you stay on track without getting distracted by the need to do a perfect job. 

It’s time that you decide to turn things around and make the right choices quickly. Apply the tips above and see how you can overcome roadblocks to personal success!