It’s inevitable. Life has chapters and transitions we have to navigate. Some are expected and others hit us by surprise. Some are exciting and some we may dread.

There’s a saying,

“You can’t get on the train if you don’t step off the platform.”

Even if you want to, it can feel hard to make the leap. The platform’s secure and familiar, and you know what to expect there. That gap between the platform and the train looks big!

Or worse, you don’t want to get on the train that’s coming, but someone or something is shoving you off the platform. It could be time, or a decision someone else made, or an unexpected event. You either land on the train that’s coming or you fall through the gap.

On that train is your life. Your happiness. Your Soul.

It’s not always easy to step off the platform.

We hang on for so many reasons, but really they all boil down to fear.

We’re afraid if we let it go of the past we’ll lose it forever. We’re afraid when we don’t have all the answers. We’re afraid to try something new. We’re afraid of not getting our way. We’re afraid we’ll be annihilated if we don’t control the situation.

All that fear leads to resistance.

Some changes I relish and others I resist.

If I sense any resistance within me, I practice release. I

’ll keep a statement like this in the forefront of my mind:

“I navigate my transitions with grace and ease. I surrender my human will to the higher wisdom of my Divine Creator. All is well in me and my life.”

Then I take a few minutes to connect with my Divine Source.

I get comfortable and relaxed. A few deep breaths is usually all it takes to quiet my ego. I ask it to take a break for a few minutes.

Dear Divine Source,

Please keep reminding me I’m in your loving care. I want to take the reins and control or resist this situation, so please gently help me remember you have this for me.

Help me let go, so your divine harmony and wisdom can be demonstrated in my body and in my affairs.

If there’s something I need to know, learn, or release, please help me see it.

Please help me hear and follow the voice of my inner wisdom above the voice of my human ego.

Thank you for the loving care you’ve always provided me. I trust you.

Giving thanks is key.

Even though I still might not know the answers or see the results in my human world, I give thanks for the perfect outcome that’s coming.

I rest in a clam peacefulness knowing Divine Wisdom is handling the situation.

I’m forever amazed at the changes that happen when I practice the steps I layed out above.

Attitudes change, solutions appear, emotions dissolve. Doors open that previously looked closed. Things that feel stuck begin to move. Serenity appears where there was stress or anxiety.

Release has the ability to allow shifts you didn’t think were possible. Release is healing.

Change is going to happen with or without you. I hope these words help you navigate change with more grace and ease.

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