John Spach

Diet and lifestyle choices can prevent nearly 80% of chronic illness. But such findings take years of research and studies to establish the connection. The novel coronavirus is relatively new in this sense. Yet, healthcare experts and nutritionists emphasize that diet plays a crucial part in this because it helps build strong immunity, reducing the risk of contracting an infection. Besides, there is absolute clarity that people with heart ailments, obesity, and diabetes are vulnerable to viral attacks and can suffer life-threatening consequences. So it becomes essential to take specific measures and protect oneself from these health challenges to avoid COVID-19 risks as much as possible.

John Spach and other experts point out the significance of the Mediterranean diet in this context. Let’s dig into this to gain some insight.

Should you opt for a Mediterranean diet? By John Spach

Years of research show that Mediterranean food can reduce inflammation and promote immunity. It is not only good for the prevention of heart ailments but diabetes too. Besides, its impact on a healthy gut and lungs in older people is also recognizable. Sticking to this food choice can be excellent for brain health, especially for those adults prone to Alzheimer’s. Mobility challenges that come with aging are also possible to control. In essence, these and other benefits of the diet make its incorporation a sensible lifestyle decision. Now, you may wonder whether it would be helpful in COVID-19 complications too.

Mediterranean diet and the viral disease

Although there is no proof of a Mediterranean diet’s effect on the coronavirus, you can trust its anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting nutritional benefits to aid in pathogenic factors that relate diabetes to COVID-19. Due to the onset of viral disease, some Mediterranean communities have gone back to their traditional eating habits. The increased use of olive oil, fruits, legumes, and vegetables indicate the same. Simultaneously, people moved away a bit from fast foods, snacks, pastries, sugar drinks, and red meat. According to health experts, if people sustain this healthy food habit, the risks of chronic diseases and coronavirus-related issues can significantly reduce.

Hence, there are predictions that immunity-boosting superfoods and drinks will continue to be an integral part of everyone’s life even after vaccines become successful. Mask, social distancing, and vaccination will also be there to ensure safety from the infection. However, diets like Mediterranean food will also get comprehensive support.

Furthermore, since this diet also benefits mental health, nutrition experts feel that eating a delicious and nutritious Mediterranean diet can better handle isolation and social distancing blues. Fortunately, including this diet is not a challenge anymore. You can enjoy it in your home without any hassle. If you need some cooking lessons on its preparations, you can check online classes or recipe books for inspiration. The easy availability of ingredients and simple preps can become another reason to stick to it.

Remember one thing, your body and mind can be healthy only when you eat right, exercise, and lead a disciplined life. If you improve these areas, you can avoid or control most health risks.