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I have seen, first hand, how your home and work environment can affect your health.  If someone is happy with their surroundings it can positively impact their mood, energy level and overall attitude.  Conversely, if someone is unhappy with their environment it will reflect negatively in their mental and physical health. 

Research indicates stress, anxiety, allergies, poor eating, exercise and sleep habits can all be a result of excess clutter and disorganization in the home or office.  Imagine the stress that comes from someone who can’t keep track of bills because they have weeks of accumulated mail and no filing system in place.  Think of the health issues that arise from the dust and dander which collects on cluttered shelves and in overstuffed basements or attics. Eventually, these minor challenges can develop into major health issues if left unchecked.

Any time spent organizing and de-cluttering your home or workspace is an investment in your health and well-being and that is time well spent.

Consider making this investment in yourself and get started with these tips:

  •  Make the most of any time you have on hand.  If you only have 10 minutes, use it to do a small task; work on one drawer or one shelf.  For example, look through your collection of magazines or sort through last week’s mail.
  • Anytime is a good time to start. There is no need to wait perfect conditions to get started. Be happy with each small success, as it is a step in the right direction.
  • Have someone hold you accountable. Enlist a friend or professional organizer to help you stay on track and get the work done.
  • Sort it out. Nearly all unwanted or excess items can be sorted into the following categories: 1.) Keep 2.) Donate or 3.) Trash/recycle
  • Do not purchase storage containers too soon.  Shop for storage containers after you’ve sorted and edited your space.  It will make it easier to know exactly to buy.
  • Exercise the one-in-one out rule.  Once you’ve cleared out the clutter, implement this new discipline to avoid the accumulation again.  If you buy something new, release an item from the same category.