Believe it, or not…

Life has to look EXACTLY like this right now.

Exactly. As. It. Is.

Outer chaos, upheaval, heartache, dis-ease, helplessness, death… Its a pretty horrendous mix, depending on where the focus is.

Yes, we would like it to be different, in SO many ways. 

The improvements of the perceived imperfections are everywhere, and they’re working themselves out, even if that means getting ‘worse’, before they get ‘better’, which is all a matter of how we are able to view the greater unravelling.

Better or worse, good or bad, right or wrong.

It just IS.

In all it’s glorious IS-ness.

It’s actually getting better this world. Despite what we may think, believe and take in from different sources that we receive our information from…

Trust the process.

Trust the pain.

Trust the shadows.

Trust the upsets.

Trust the hurts.

Trust the grand unfolding.

Trust LIFE! 

There are deep resolutions coming, where there were none before.

There are solutions coming into form on this planet, that we have NO idea about yet… We see one side of an at-times horrific picture, yet the whole other side is yet to be unveiled.

The grand design is to test and forge our levels of trust, while expunging the fear frequencies that keep us victims from our beings and realities so we can be FREE.



Be kind.

Go inside.

Focus on the beauty.

Appreciate what you have.

FEEL YOUR OWN TRUTH, in all that is.

Simply by bringing more focus IN on what needs to be tended to in our immediate realms and trusting that the self organising principle of life is working waaaaaay better than we may believe it to be, can be all it takes to sit us in a much better groove throughout our days ?

We are so loved, guided and held through these extremely interesting times on our beloved, beautiful planet ?


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