A couple of years ago I had a conversation about depression and antidepressants with a neuro-psychologist. He believed that depression could be cured within 18 months of treatment. After 18 months, one should either look within the body for another cause of the depression or research another type of treatment, which I completely agree with.

Many of my clients who are dealing with depression have sought out my services because they have been in treatment for many years, some for the majority of their life. They are searching for a different approach to treating their depression. The majority of these clients are already working with their doctors to reduce their prescription medication and I work with both the doctor and the client to support this process.

Antidepressants are widely prescribed medications that are being given to people for far too long.  The medication eventually stops working and then the doctor prescribes either another antidepressant or another kind of drug to support the first antidepressant.  During this time, patients can develop other collateral damage from all the medication they may be taking on a continual basis.

If you or a loved one have been on this type of a treatment cycle, it can be devastating. Depression doesn’t go away but emotions and your health can also be at risk.  People diagnosed with depression get tired of being called depressed or worse, they begin to believe that will always be depressed. Many are afraid to ask their doctor to reduce their medications as they can be insecure and feel that everything is an effort requiring a lot of energy that they don’t have. Eventually, they decide to take control of themselves and their lives and make a decision to try a different form of treatment.  

If you have been taking medication for your depression for years and you are ready to try a different form of treatment, ask your doctor to start reducing the dose of your medication. Then find support with a holistic approach, which will help you to have a very empowering transition.