I hated the way I looked. I hated the way I felt. I hated the person I had become.

Constantly comparing myself to the Instagram models I wanted to become so badly. Continually wishing I was someone else. Anyone else but myself.

I struggled with body image dysmorphia, depression, anorexia, PCO’s and as a repercussion am currently battling an undefined chronic illness. The battle I had with myself was all self-inflicted.

But where did this stem from? Where did this negative relationship with myself start? How had I let it get so bad? To a state where it controlled my life? A body that I had once controlled had taken over and sucked all my power out. How had I let it get to this state?

I pushed myself to the edge and knew a change had to be made. The guilt that would surround me and the unhappiness I had within found me at breaking point. A change had to be made. So, I decided to write. I decided to allow the past to bubble up and find out where it all started from. I decided to overcome this relationship and start to heal myself. Start to build that relationship from the ground up again.

A Journey to health is a powerful story about the impact of growing up in the age of constant body shame, social media and the evolving pressures among society to look a certain way. It is written by a young female the audience can relate to. It’s raw. It’s personal. It’s real. It’s authentic. It’s not written by someone famous, by someone with a huge following or by someone with a social status. It is written by an ordinary girl. One who is just like the reader. One who is relatable. One who is still so young and still fighting to this day. One whose name is Lauren Minicozzi.

I share my journey in order for the readers to connect and resonate with and know they are not alone. I been through it all. From comparing myself to Instagram models, to developing a hate so strong towards myself and following through with mental and physical health battles. This book was created to make a difference.

To touch the lives of young females and hopefully stop them from going down the dreaded cycle I once found myself stuck in. It was created to empower young females to go beyond their body. To not give up. To start to love themselves again. To see their true beauty. To help them connect with their souls and draw out their power from within to heal themselves.

It will give them a tool kit to help them get out of this dark cycle that they continue to get sucked into that will change their mind and change the way they think about themselves. A journey to health restores hope into society that there is a way out. There is light at the end of the tunnel. It acknowledges the battles young females are going through and aims at helping to overcome them. This book will provide a strong community for readers to reach out to, so they do not have to be alone on this journey.

They can feel safe. They can feel heard and most importantly they can feel empowered.

Empowered to make a difference and come out the other end of this journey. Empowered to not give up. Empowered to overcome their own battle and help others who are also suffering and on the same self-destructive path.

A journey to health was not created for fame. It was not created for fortune. It was created to make an impact. To make a difference. To show females they are not alone.To help reshape the lives of future generations and remove the toxic road that is so commonly taken.

A Journey To Health — A Body Does Not Define You

Are you ready to create change? Are you ready to gain your power back and free yourself from this toxic cycle? I hope you can find some comfort from this book and it allows you to open up or understand that you are not alone. We are all in this together.

Life is meant to be lived.

Life is meant to be enjoyed.

Life is meant to be rewarding.

Start living.

Free yourself.

Find that inner strength and start to love yourself again.

To place your order- please head over to www.laurenminicozzi.com and share with anyone you know who will benefit from this book.

$1 from every book sold will be donated to the Butterfly Foundation.

Together we can start changing lives and creating the change that needs to be happened.

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Love Lauren xx