Busy is a decision. We decide what we want to do based on what we think are the priorities in our life. If we don’t get to the things that we say are important, we have to consider how important they actually are to us.

How we choose to spend our time can be most telling. It’s in this area where we have to question ourselves. We have to ask questions such as, is it more important to watch Game of Thrones or to write an essay, paint a picture, or make a podcast?

If watching Game of Thrones or whatever leisure activity you are choosing is more important, then you are never going to spend time writing an essay, painting a picture, making a podcast, or whatever important task you are delaying.

I often find myself wanting to be in a particular mood to create or be productive. The truth is, that motivation rarely comes. The thing that I feel like doing is almost always leisure.

If we notice that we are using busy as an excuse for not doing something that we say is important, then what we think is important just isn’t that important. It’s what we spend the majority of our time doing that is the real priority in our lives.

What important task in your life are you delaying because you are too busy? What is one thing you can you do today to make progress on that task?

We all have competing priorities in our life. And sometimes we truly run out of time. More often than not though, we can always find where we are spending more time than we thought in leisure.

Originally published at medium.com