In dating and in life we have many options available for us to choose from. We can choose to play the game or we can choose love. Choosing love for me involves waking up and making a conscious choice to create possibilities with the partner I’ve chosen.

What does this look like? It’s the act of making a conscious choice to do the things necessary to make the relationship great. This involves having a curious mind and living with the intention of learning something new about my partner everyday. It means holding her at night until we both fall asleep. It means making sure that she feels loved and cherished.

I think a lot of people tend to become really complacent in their relationships. They take the other person’s love for granted and stop dating them. They get into a routine and stop doing the things they did early in the relationship to make the person fall in love with them. With their actions, they stop choosing their partner, the person they claim to love.

Relationships are tough and take a lot of work to be successful. To be successful, we have to avoid the mundane and work to keep things exciting. We have to keep the sex unpredictable and engaging. We have to focus our intentions on the other person. Doing so doesn’t guarantee a successful relationship, but it sure does increase the chances.

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